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[3.1.2] RedStar [PVP][24 SLOT][OPEN][<new>KFactions][MODED-EE] HARDCORE NO /HOME|/SPAWN|/TPA


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Server Details:


TeamSpeak3: ts7.gamespeak.com:9156

Server Rules

(1) No exploits or client modifications that give you an unfair advantage over normal players.

(2) No spamming of chat. You can use curse words. You can say anything you like. Just do not spam the chat with it. This server is run by the ideology that if people do not want to hear what you say they can use the /ignore command.

Important Info (Hardcore)

Before you waste too much more time reading and joining. I want to mention that this server is considered hardcore based on the fact that the command /tpa, /spawn, and /home have been disabled.


All the mods are included server side for your enjoyment. However, the EE2 has been heavily modded and no only is the functionality slightly difference, but so is the game play.

Also we use a mod called KFactions which exists no where else because it was written by me. It gives you Factions, but with a twist and some added extras. No longer is the number of people in your faction and their power level important. Now you simply have to hold objects in your hand and use /f charge. This actually provides a more difficult approach for attackers to take then the simple build a TNT cannon and break in. Also, it removes the ability for people to simply build obsidian buildings. We have left nukes enabled as they make decent siege weapons. Now, explosions treat your faction power like a force shield. Your land will resist attacks but it will eat power. If your power drops to zero then the enemy can claim your land, and explosions will blow it up. But, the enemy can not see what your faction power is so they do not know how long it will take.

Also people can not open doors, open chests, or interact with stuff on your claimed land unless you give everyone or just them specific privilege to do so.

We also have added in the ability to restrict the breaking of blocks to certain ranked faction members. This allows you to create highly complex bases that division members. Also, KFactions uses ranks now to determine what you can and can not do.

Also we have an AntiXRay. It does not hide exposed ores, but maybe one day it will.

Banned Items

The Red Matter Furnace and the Dark Matter Furnace are disabled temporarily until I can work on fixing the dupe bug in them. I really want to enable then, but right now the dupe bug is way too easy. Also alchemy bags are disabled because it allows players to keep items safe forever which is not intended. We do have personal safes enabled, but eventually those will become re-programed to add some type of risk element to their usage.

All rings are enabled! And, factions protects from rings and items in both EE2 and IC2. The only reason some items are disabled is because of dups not griefing. If we find you griefing or exploiting something we will simply reprogram it so you can not do it anymore instead of banning you from the server. Although, we might jail you until we can fix it.

Major Plugins

KFactions (land protection), KCore (provides core services and miscs) , KAntiXRay, and KBanner (periodic messages).

Game Changing Changes

1. The only ring you can fly with is the swift wolf ring. Also, flying requires a klein star as fuel and nothing else. It must be charged also of course.

2. Collectors/Relays are slightly broke. Relays will charge stuff and burn anything. Collectors produce EMC very slowly, and are broke in uptiering fuel until I fix them.

3. You can only place two world anchors per faction.

4. All DM/RM need a charged klein star to use them.

5. LV/MV/HV Solar Arrays require coolant cells to operate. You must provide them. Also they have periods of inefficient operation which means they turn into a coolant cell to EU machine essentially. When they operate efficiently they produce more power than they consumed but not much more. You have to find a way to make them

operate if possible.

Server Description


This server is pretty much a power war server. The idea is to gain as much power as quick as possible (not talking about factions power but that is going to be needed too). Then you go build a bunch of nukes or TNT and siege somebody else and take their stuff.

Now, if you are new to PVP this server might be a good choice because the KFactions provides a lot more safety for new players than the normal factions plugin. Your only difficult time will be sneaking out into the wilderness to build


Since this is a PVP/GRIEF server eventually you creation my get destroyed, but we want it to live on forever. When you join our server you will be given a username and password to our forums at http://redstar.net16.net. Now, there is not anything there yet but if you build something cool we want you to take pictures of it and post them on the forums. This way you creation gets to live forever, lol.


The server uptime is expected to be 24/7. We do not like downtime and we do not like white/gray listing the server to fix things. We actually prefer to wall people in and deal with problems, LOL.

Type Of Players We Want

We want brand new players because KFactions will let them build safely (once they get started) and enjoy the game, while still allowing them to get exposed to PVP. Mainly, this is because of how the factions prevents chests opening and the enemy from interacting with any blocks or such like doors, switches, ..ect. So it is hard for them to get inside to kill you.

Also we like experienced players because they generally can provide factions for newer players to enjoy being in, and they bring more elaborate complex machines and tricks to the game that newer players just do not know about.

But the player has to be okay with the fact that they might die to PVP and lose all they stuff including their base if someone sieges it hard enough to break in.


We do not requirement or insist that people play in an RPG fashion. I just thought it would be nice to have an actually story background for the server, and if I did add in quests and such things one day they would revolve around this background.

The year is 2343 and you have been imprisoned for many years. You find yourself

riding in a prison transport shuttle today, which occassionaly rattles and

bobs up and down as it follows closely to the terrain. You can hear hardly

anything but the sound of the shuttle's gravity propulsion systems keeping

you in the air. Before you were scurryed onto the shuttle you overhead some

talk about how the prison system is going broke and you have heard talk

before of a new prison. This prison, from words you could barely make out

or hear, is supposed to be cheap. Yeah, you figure it has to be something

bad, and of course you think to yourself then again maybe it will be fun. You

also heard someone speak of Red Star which from your knowledge is a planet that

formed from a dead star.

You feel your body push up against the metal harnass that holds you in place. It

seems the shuttle must be stopping and you are at your destination. The guards

unload you and the other inmates from the shuttle and you are stood facing

what appears to be a wasteland of desert.

One of the guards laughs and speaks to you. He says, "Inmate, I hope you can

run fast!". Those words took their true form of terror as we were taken towards

a cubic buildings in the middle of the desert. While walking towards the building

it felt as if we stepped through some type of force field. The guard nudges you

forward and remarks that the field is the only thing that is going to keep you

alive.. until you run out of food.

Can you survive?


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The server is experiencing some short freezes. It will recover with out a reboot but your network socket will time out by the time it recovers so beware. I am working to locate and fix the problem.

Also, check out our forum which details the different factions system we use:

You also should spawn inside a building. If not just either die once so you can respawn, or walk towards the north west (you should notice a building if render distance is high enough).

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A interesting and fully automated creation system created in the hideout of one planet prisoner who even created his home inside of a volcano.


Is a quarry a bit too expensive for you? Well, the mining turtle is likely just for you. It comes complete with a excellent mining program pre-uploaded. And, it is designed to be simple to operate. You can operate it with or with out a automated processing system. Simply set the robot down where you want it to mine at. Then place the block it should never break in the first inventory slot. Then open it's console and type miner. It will go out and mine then come back and dump it's inventory (excluding the first slot) onto the floor. It will clean all inside the bedrock. If you couple it with some obsidian pipe you can vacuum the items off the ground and process them. Be sure to build it a little platform out of the block it should never mine or it will eventually eat away the platform for it to dump the items on.

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[+] The server has been integrated with PHPBB3 (Forums). Now, when you login you are automatically registered and given your username and password.

[+] Factions have been tweaked and have uncapped maximum charge. Now, you can defend against not only one nuke but many nukes depending on how wealthy you are and how much you charge your faction up.

[+] New factions feature allow you to friend people and allow them to use or build on your claimed chunk of land.

[+] Pyramid with trading machines has been created near spawn by the_true_nemmie for your trading pleasures.

[+] IC2 macerator bug fixed for blaze rods and bones. No longer a infinite supply of energy using IC2 and EE together.

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[+] Nukes have been balanced with the factions plugin.

[+] All Of EE enabled except alchemy bags.

[+] Spawn has been spruced up with some machines, pipes, and free power. Yep, if you claim a block of land near spawn you can enjoy some free energy. Although, the source of it is not unlimited so be mindful of you neighbors or tell them F** you its free! You choice.

Also to iterate back over the server will never experienced a map reset (because I hate them), you get the mining turtle with a pre-uploaded mining program (cheaper alternative to quarry), and there are only two server rules to follow the first being no exploits or third part mods that give unfair advantage and the second not to spam chat.

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A interesting place to build a home.. right smack dab in the middle of an old nuclear attack on a faction. Yes, if remembering correctly, it took roughly 64 nukes, build by FNG, to finally break the land claim. This guy decided it was the perfect place to build. Of course nukes have been slightly balanced and now takes more.


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[+] Added new feature to factions. Now you can set the rank on specific block types in a specific chunk. This allows only someone in your faction at or above that rank to break that type of block which allows you to create security type vaults, walls, doors, dispensers, and still allow members to break/place blocks on that claim: clearblockranks, listblockranks, blockrank.

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[+] The morning star now consumes fuel based on the blocks that it breaks. It currently only consumes fuel from one or more Klein stars in your inventory. If you are out of fuel it will not dig. There also exists the client side bug where blocks appear to be broken but are not, and hopefully this will be fixed fairly soon.

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[+] All EE2 tools consume energy from the a klein item to use them.

[+] Condensors now have a energy loss of 50% which makes them less preferable to use, and hopefully will make people use the actual recipes more.

I essentially love the EE2 mod. It is just that it is quite powerful and can lead to the exile of some of the other mods. So hopefully overtime it can be overhauled and balanced out to play nice with the other mods.

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After a week of play I'm leaving this server.


Theme: 9/10 Great story. It caught my attention and I was drawn into the rp

Staff: 7/10 the one staff I knew, (kmcguire) was the head admin and was very nice, though I never saw him address any actual issues that came up.

Community: 7/10 Generally helpful, a few had admin status but never acted like staff. The group was small overall and thus insular at times.

World: 5/10 Spawn is terrible. A small box shape with lights and Bcraft pipes. Immediatly outside of spawn is harvardous terrain not maintained by anyone. The World space is small and the architecture is nothing to write home about at best.

Server/Mods: 4/10 No one likes server lag or bugs. espeically on a legit pvp server were losing a couple diamond machines and armor is equivalent to a full week of work. The Mods used to adjust EE are the best I've seen, but cause other issues.

Overall: 6.4/10

I would come back if the following things were improved:

  • Bugged Items fixed and better adjusted for their material worth. 50% loss on condensers is astronomic compared to the value of the item itself. 30-45% seems more reasonable though high. 25% would be enough to deter use.

  • Spawn expanded and maintained to prevent the problems above. Spawn is what drove me off the server honestly.

  • The World itself expanded beyond 4,000 square blocks. 4,000 may seem big until you have ten players after your stuff. At twenty players it's pathetically small. Build servers run worlds four times the size for good reason.

I really don't write this to be a troll. I want to see RedStar excel. Without feedback these issues will never be addressed. And I wish kmcguire luck in the future.

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I do like feedback even if it is negative, but I had a question or two and some comments.

(Also, jump straight to the end which may explain why this guy is so upset)

Staff: 7/10 the one staff I knew, (kmcguire) was the head admin and was very nice, though I never saw him address any actual issues that came up.

Well, for one I have no idea what you mean. I addressed (single handed) every single issue that appeared including fixing the entire EE2 mod so it works with bukkit/factions event system. Yeah, bud, you do not understand how difficult and how much work went into that and to call items still bugged. They are bugged in the EE2 in tekkit, and I fixed them so they properly use fuel now. Also, I fixed the bugged IC2 macerator for blaze rods and bone meal.

(1) So you have to be more specific about bugged items for them to get fixed.

(2) I am not sure how you mean the world expanded beyond 4,000 square blocks, because if I do sqrt(4000) I get a square 63x63 and I know the world is currently larger than that. Maybe you mean the spawn expanded? Because, the world size is unlimited.

Now, I do not think you are aware that the transmutation table is essentially a condenser except you can not make automated stuff out it like you can with the condenser, and the table still has 100% efficiency. I have no idea why people are so crazy over the condenser instead of actually making a cool machine to handle more of the stuff. I mean you could play on a server with EE2 disabled!?!

Spawn expanded and maintained to prevent the problems above. Spawn is what drove me off the server honestly.

LOL, what is the big deal about spawn anyway? I mean you can not PVP in it. All you can do is stand there pushing AFK people around. Did you mean you want fancy stores and NPC people running around? It is a hardcore server. We do not care about all that mushy stuff.

Hey, though, I may improve spawn later but right now my hands are full fixing all the bugs in EE2 so people's hard work does not get ruined when someone exploits something. This also includes economy type exploits such as EMC generators that can be built in one day or two and produce so much EMC in one day they never need to run it again! I mean how bad does that ruin the game? Yeah, lazy people do not want to use the transmutation table.. but by god.. the entire game balance is thrown off and all anyone is going to do is build EMC generators or collector flowers, and never even touch the IC2 stuff. You know IC2 has a recycler... anyone did I already mention the transmutation table is 100%?? What is the problem, LOL.

And, you better be glad I knocked condensers down to 50% because the guys near you were dark rooming so much they could have prolly blown you off the map with nukes, and you really would be complaining then. So I actually saved you.

Your House

I got to thinking maybe you got greifed and it pissed you off, then maybe you kept getting killed running away from spawn. So I pulled your last coordinates and I found this house with empty chests and holes knocked it in. Also your inventory was empty. I am guessing maybe you got ganked and your house got broken into. Now, I do not see any land on your house claimed? Did you even use the factions? And, did you properly charge your faction power? I mean in any other server they would have just blown you base down with cannons (since most server disable nukes).. So it is not like you did not have the resources to protect your house. I mean this IS a hardcore server...


Yeah, spawn can be improved. I do hope to do it, but right now EE2 has consumed my time. But, if anyone else thinks that he is right then reply to this thread and let me know what you think, but also put some more factual information down than I just think condensers are nerfed too hard. You know maybe explain what using the transmutation table is not going to work for you??

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You can now *ZAP* other faction's power. The details are on the forums (or will be). See /f setmrz, /f showzaps, and /f zap.

You can now set faction home with /f sethome and teleport there with /f tptp <name> home. You can teleport other faction members to each other, but BEWARE it costs 10% of your faction power each use! So use carefully. Also you can not teleport a faction member who has a higher rank or teleport to a member with a higher rank. The teleport minimum rank can be set with /f setmrtp <rank> thus keeping everyone from burning through your faction power. To teleport two lower ranking players to each other you use /f tptp <player> <destination> where destination is the destination player's name or "$home" to teleport to the faction home.

See the newly added commands for /f setmri, /f setmrc, /f setmrtp, and /f setmrz for setting required minimum ranks for inviting, claiming, teleporting, and zapping.

The ZAP works over a 48 hour period so it is not instant, but it can not be canceled either. Essentially, you pay with your own faction power to zap someone else's, but there is a catch. It only works if their power is higher than yours. If their power is lower than yours then it will only appear to work which is intentional to keep you guessing. This is essentially a alternative to nukes and TNT for sieges. Also, using up your own power can leave you open to an attack so you have to choose wisely.

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I fell into a hole at spawn and lost a quarry and a full set of DM armor when the server spiked. I was member of the FNG faction, the house you went too was a base a I was building on my own to eventually expand the faction with. Though I could have replaced my stuff at FNG, I think draining your faction of resources for personal projects is bit rude.

I'm not upset that 'game are hardz'. I am giving a review of your server, why I'm not there, and what I think could be improved.

If you claim to have fixed these issues, then congrats. That was sorta the point of me writing it here. At some point I'll come back around to check it out again, but on my own time.

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The Inferno armor now requires charge to do it's explosion ability. The swiftwolf ring is now the only ring that can fly, and it uses a charged klein. Some nasty dupe bugs fixed.

Also spawn worked on some with a new bridge to help players get out into the wilderness since the spawn area has seen quite a many nukes, LOL.

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Listen, I am sorry you lost your stuff playing on my server but GO AWAY. Seriously, I do not care what you think about my server. I made the server AND I pay the $24 dollars a month. So get off my Tekkit thread and go find another server.

Stop making my server look bad. All you had to do was send that crap to me, but you such a sorry ass kind of guy that you wanted to go public and try to show people how "bad" you think the server is.

Honestly, I hope you do NOT come back. And, you know what its not my fault you lost your DM armor and it is not spawn's fault. Its you fault for walking around when your lagging out. The only way you fell into that damn hole is because you started running towards chunks not loaded yet...

Hey, let me EXPLAIN this ONCE more.


All of us on that server spent a lot of time working on it, and even though your too sorry to actually see how much work we put into it I would like to let you know that we did put a lot of work into it.



This gem landed in my Inbox.

Warning: if you don't like server lag, not maintained spawns, or whiny baby admins, this server is not for you.

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LOL, what I said does not bother me. It is the truth.

The lag is not true. We have 2GB of memory. And, the main server thread rarely spikes with a response time over 3000ms. And our network latency is almost all the time below 100ms. So there is no way our server could be laggy. If anyone does not believe then come join and find out.

The spawn is also not true. It was intended to be a small spawn area when the server first started. It is slowly growing over time as it should do. I have a good many guys who like to play on my server and they enjoy the way it is setup and the difficulty of it. None but you have complained over the spawn.

As for the server admin whinning. You seem to be the one who is crying over a lost quarry and armor, LOL. I just hate that your such a sorry player you could not even avoid falling to your death. So now you come on the forums and whine like a little baby who got butt hurt.

Our server is for hardcore players. Who like a challenge and want to have a competitive game. I work very hard to balance out over powered items, mechanisms, and other things that cause it to be too easy to play. Instead of banning items we simply find ways to adjust them so they are more balanced. If you fall into a hole near spawn that is your own fault not ours -- all I can say is too bad try again, LOL.

I hope the Tekkit staff ban you for thread shitting because obviously that is what you are doing, and were doing to begin with. Now that your true colors have shown

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Okay, I was trying to be nice to you on my last personal message. Now if you like you can quote this one on the forums also.

Basically, YOU are a whinny baby. Think about it. You fell into a hole at spawn lost your quarry and your armor and you got so mad you come and posted a bad server review to get revenge? LOL

Everyone who reads this thread can obviously see that is the truth.

ITS A QUARRY AND DM ARMOR!! If it took you one week to make that you are a sorry ass player. I mean come on.. WTF.

Do you have some kind of mental disability? Are you retarded or something?

Hey thanks for the publicity now we have even more players. Every time you post more people join the server.

All I got to say is THANKS SUCKA and you got PWNED on a hardcore server how does it feel?

More players you say? That's nice. I'm glad to hear it. Maybe this response will net your server an even dozen fresh souls.

You have 'PWNED' me sir. You have 'PWNED' me with your lousy admin-ing and your frothing anger. Thank you for vomiting all over me. I appreciate it.

Let's keep this public from here on out, It gives the rest of the forums something to chuckle over.

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