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Making a "TECHNIC" server


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I've been looking around using the Search function and spent a few hours doing this and found nothing but "Technic / Tekkit" server set ups, Now, I've already set up a Tekkit server had it running and got people playing, lagless etc...etc...

People on the server learned of all the fun new stuff in Technic and wanted that in the server as well, and after some other stuff that's gone on I've decided to try and do this, so as I've stated above, I've spent the last few days with a few hours a day looking at just HOW to go about doing this,

Since I've come up with Bupkis, I've turned to actually posting a help request with going about setting up a Technic server,

Or at least confirmation that it's actually doable with others launching it through the technic launcher instead of having to set it all up manually via vanilla minecraft and getting a link set up for others to download the mod pack set up to just connect to the technic server.


How do I go about setting up a TECHNIC SERVER (Not a TEKKIT Server) and have it launchable through the Technic Launcher for others to play in

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Technic is SSP only, because the mods it contains are also SSP only.

Things like Thaumcraft are not SMP at all.

So what you will have to do is add the mods you want to the server manually,

and have all of your players do the same.

As for putting it in the launcher, nope.

If you're that desperate you can make your own modpack :D

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ahh, Thank you, I figured as much as I was doing the research into it,

So that's basically what I was thinking I was going to have to do if people were going to actually use it was set up the mods into a somewhat working ModPack.

Thanks for the fast Reply.

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