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What to turn off/disable on a new tekkit server?

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I recently started up a tekkit server. It's fairly standard, but since its a PVP server I try to keep things relatively balanced, and I'd like to keep it from being too easy to gain an absurd amount of resources very quickly, especially if its gained by any exploits or bugs.

So I'd appreciate if everyone could post here anything they know which can lead players to either get items too quickly legitimately, or to get items they otherwise couldn't through exploits. I'm mostly interested in which parts of EE to disable in order to make items not so easy to simply zap out of thin air.

So far I've found this;


It appears that NEI has a bug which allows players to import their single player inventory data. This is a straight up dupe/item hack (with no hacking, lol) which gives the player total control over what they bring on your server.

http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-disable-ee.22166/ (See last post)

Solution: Delete the NEI.zip from your mods folder and await update

Status: Have not personally tested.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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