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How do I play Tekkit in Browser?


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I'm not able to run the .exe technic launcher on my school computer however, I can play minecraft in browser AND I can copy files to the computer. So here is my idea:

Copy my tekkit folder from my computer at home to the school computer's .minecraft folder in %appdata%. I searched the forums and found that to run tekkit in the generic minecraft launcher all I need to do is copy the contents of the modpack zip file (in tekkit/bin) into the minecraft.jar zip file. Doing this I can run tekkit using the normal .minecraft launcher.

The problem is whenever I try to do this in browser minecraft updates itself to 1.3.2 and renders all this useless. So here are my questions:

How do I stop minecraft from updating in browser?

Will what I described actually work to run tekkit if I can stop the update?

I searched the forums and could not find any posts regarding running tekkit in browser.

By in browser I mean off the minecraft.net website.

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You should get a few of your friends together and, with the help of your tech teacher, convince the school to use minecraft as a teaching and comunity building tool. For advanced students, they can learn valuable problem solving skills in a fun and care free manor using mods such as redpower, buildcraft, and computercraft to automate mods such as industrial craft or railcraft. There are already a few teachers using minecraft in the classroom. Why try to hide while you play minecraft, when you can have your school endorse it?

This may seem more effort than it's worth, but it's a good leadership experience even if it doesn't work.

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