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Server Issues! Please Help!


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So, I am trying to make a private tekkit server for my and my friends. However, I am a noob. I cannot figure this out in any way whatsoever! I have tried both port forwarding and Hamachi. The main problem is the public ip address. No one has been able to get on my server with any ips I have found. When I was using port forwarding, I tried going to "whatsmyip.com" and "ipchicken.com". However, neither of these have gave me a usable ip address. Now I did see on a website that said to use "...:25565" but I haven't tried that yet.

If you can help me or at least try it will be appreciated.

(P.S. I have looked at a million websites all found from searching on Google. Also, I can't watch YouTube, for my terrible internet connection will fab me.

-Thank You So Much!!!!


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Thank you for your help. :)

Now, my server is fully functioning. :)

But.... now I have another problem.

When people try to get on it says "Can't Resolve Hostname".

It will instantly say this when they pull it up or refresh.

I have read about it and now see it could be a million different things.

But, I think it sounds like its a connection problem.

Any ideas?


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