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This is a game I thought might be worth mentioning. It's not on steam, and has nothing advertising it, so you would only ever find it if you were looking for it or got very lucky.

Allegiance is an old experimental microsoft game that had its source code released, and to this day is developed by those who used to play it back when it was P2P.

The game is a combination of multiplayer RTS, FPS, and space flight simulation.

Typically, two teams will choose a different faction, and at peak hours, you can have 20 players per team, with a designated commander handling the teams money and bringing everyone together.

If you wanna check it out, their main website is www.freeallegiance.org

Sadly, the player base is dwindling, which is basically a downwards spiral. The only times you can expect to run into a reasonable number of players is when most people in the united states have gotten home from work.

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