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Meara Plays Minecraft (Modded)


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Hello everyone! This is Meara... and this is my technic(+) let's play. I have a lot of mods installed on this world, and I don't even know how to use all of them, but I guess that's a good thing, we get to have fun figuring things out!

I'm still quite new to Let's plays, I will try my hardest to make them entertaining for you. I'll cut out most of the "Grind" by doing mining and mass production off camera. ;P I'll also try to explain what they are for, however, I only do one take on explanations, meaning I do mess them up.. horribly... sometimes... steve_sillyface.gif It's always good fun!



What Version Of Minecraft Is this?

Version 1.2.5. I'll start a new season and world when all the mods installed (or at least most of them) are updated to 1.3.x

Why dose this let's play start at episode 5?

In episodes 1-3 I was using a home-brewed pack, however, installation always gave me headaches and, well, I didn't have as many fun mods. Now I'm finally happy with them. Episode 4 was just me playing around with editing. steve_sillyface.gif

If you want to still check them out, here is a link to the playlist

How do I install these mods?

It isn't too complicated. Install technic pack, then slap all of the additional mods into the mods folder. Done! (Links are in the mods section) Technic handles all the configuration you need, and if any conflicts arrive you will be notified by IDresolver.

Note: Technic installs minecraft into a differant folder, you still need to head to your roaming folder (%appdata%) to get to it. Just head there and you'll find it! If you have any further trouble head to technic forums or the respected mods topic to reseave support. Make sure to search for your problum before posting about it! It will save you and everyone else time!


Technic Pack

Technic Pack 7.2


Forestry by SirSengir (Mwaahaha @ autocorrect)

Extra Bees by Binnie

Additional Buildcraft Objects by Flow86

Vis Bees by Punknium

Doggy Talents


Tool Rack by Leenhaart

Statues! by dolfinsbizou

Texture Pack

Sphax PureDBcraft x64 by Sphax84 with addictional patches for the mods.


Downloads will be released every 10 episodes starting after episode 21 (so 21 31 41 51 so on so forth). Config files will be kept up to date. Just remember to have all the additional addons plus Technic pack mods. You can choose to not use Technic if you do not want to. Files are 7zip format, so

WinRar (mac, linux, win) and 7zip (win).




Episode 5: Proper Start

Episode 6: Preparations!

Episode 7: Finally! Then I screwed it up!

Episode 8: Solar Powah!

Episode 9: Collectors in My Relays!

Episode 10: The Search for the drill.

Episode 11: Bagception!

Episode 12 Day 1: Building A Compound.

Episode 12 Day 2: Building A Compound.

Episode 13: Quarries

Episode 14: Teleport Anchors

Episode 15: Meh-fee

Episode 16: Electric Engines

Episode17: Logistic Network

Episode18: Pewpew!

Episode19: Pump 'n' Stuff

Episode20: Nano Armor


Episode 21: Loads of Stuff and Download

Episode 22 : AutoCrafting

Episode 23: Odds and Ends

Episode 24: Peat Bog and Trubary

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Four New episodes Added:

13: Witch is about setting up Quarries with 4 Steam Engines

14: About Teleport Tethers and World Anchors

15: MFEs and Induction Furnace

16: Switching from Steam Engines to a Fast Electric Engine on our Quarry.

I hope you Enjoy (I'm also thinking about making world download available)

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