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Redstone engines stopped working


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So ive had a macerator / furnace setup working perfectly now for about 3 days then today when i wake up all the redstone engines on the server stopped working. Sometimes u can replace them or log back in to get some of them to work 1 tic. Additionally there was a set of pistons that stopped firing at the same time. If i replace one of the torches and try to use them again they work on the second try. Wierd stuff going on - server admin didnt install anything new. She also tried starting a new world where we were still unable to make the engines work again...

Anyone heard of anything like this? or any suggestions at all?

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I've seen issues on my personal server when there are too many BuildCraft objects running, but that should mean a new world works fine. Do you have rapid-fire timers hooked up to them or something? What's the setup, in other words?

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