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IC2 machines and wires (recover material from explosions)


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When machines and wires explode from incorrect setups, rather than have a complete loss, can they explode into some of their component materials?

For example, if a copper wire overloaded, it'd drop 2-3 copper nuggets, and 0-1 rubber.

If a machine exploded, it would drop, say, 40 to 70% of what was put into making it.

This seems reasonable. a wire being burnt out never causes complete destruction, usually it pops apart at the weakest point, or it melts and at least could be recycled back into usable wire.

It would also make sense if you could at least salvage some of the materials from exploded machines, as I really doubt that overloading something would cause complete annihilation, but rather pop and melt any internal circuitry.

PS. This suggestion is in no way implying that I'm too incompetent to wire machines correctly, I'm beyond that shit.

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