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Disabling Blocks Through Bukkit?


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I am currently running a Tekkit server and am trying to disable blocks from being used.

I've tried plugins like ModifyWorld, RecipeRepo, NoItem, etc.....

I am currently using NoItem but have a small problem. I'm able to craft the items I have blacklisted on a project table, but not craft them on a crafting table. I know NoItem added in the support for customblocks, but that does not appear to be working.

So, the players on my server can craft the item but not place them. They can get around this however by simply putting the item in a assembler from Redpower and then spawning the block that way. This could be used for setting off a nuke that is blacklisted for example.

Does anyone know what to do about this? I have for now disabled the assembler but there has to be some way to fix this. I contacted the plugin creator and he doesn't really have a fix for the project tables.



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