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I have problems with portal gun on my tekkit server


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I installed the portal gun mod on my server and when I play on it the mobs have like different textures.

Like the creepers body is invisible but his head shows and the skeletons doesent have a leg.

Sometimes the zombies texture is made out of many block textures like pistons, grass and dirt.

And on the server it says: There was a problem getting field chunckSaveLocation from net.minecraft.server.ChunkRegionLoader

I have been on the portal gun forum and I found no solution.

Can someone help me?

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Having the same issue here. changing item id's/block id's does nothing. each time minecraft is loaded a random creature (the player model included) gets an odd texture glitch.

I've tried taking portal gun out to isolate the issue. No issues, until the mod is loaded again. Any help/solution to this issue would be amazing.... invisible cows are hard to farm...

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