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Tekkit Build / Creation / Detail Showcase Videos (Working Cinema, Launderette, Building Cars etc)


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Hi guys! I've been Youtubing full time for a couple of months now and have just over 850 subscribers. Whilst my video uploads are an eclectic mix of map plays, mod showcases and tekkit builds, I figure I'd show you guys the Tekkit related videos in my channel's roster. I post daily content but it's not always Tekkit related but still equally as awesome (in my opinion of course :D). I've got some interesting builds coming in the next few days so keep a look out!

So here are a few I think you guys will like:

Working Cinema:

Interior Design with Microblocks:

Working Coffee Shop:

Water Amusement Park with working ticket gate entrance system:

British Launderette:

Building Cars:

Flight using Railcraft:

Realistic looking Bowling / Golf with Redpower:

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