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Spoutcraft mods (Guns+)


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https://www.google.nl/search?q=site:technicpack.net spout

I've actually been curious at myself, but I see it shot down a lot because apparently spout modifies class files quite heavily.

Which makes me really sad, all the cool mods are impossible for me to use.

Yeh, tekkit has become a bit like an iron lung for people that want to diversify with mods. Looks like that it'll have to be casino mods then. :(

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Which makes me wonder if one could get near-tekkit functionality via spout... just IC2 and RP2 and it's mods would be a good start really.

Spoutcraft is in theory a good if not better alternative to tekkit but they have completely different agenda to tekkit and aren't likely to include any of the mods tekkit has.

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