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Gem of eternal density bug


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Now, Before you say this goes into the bug section I'm making sure i'm not being a dumb ass.

Ok, My problem is when i'm using the gem, It changes stone > iron etc...

But when it trys to turn it into Dark matter it deletes it self... It is REALLY bugging me.

No other items come up or anything, I'm super confused.

Now, Am I missing something? Or is this a bug? I looked it up on Google

nothing turned up that could help me.

(And yes I did make a account for this, I'm also on the latest version of tekkit)

Update: If I press G again on the gem it seems to give me some of the stuff back.... Like diamonds

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That's not a bug. The gem stores things inside it until it can convert into a higher tier material. If you give it enough diamonds, dark matter etc. it'll convert into red matter, that's the final stage.

Oh, So it was me being stupid... Crap Uh, So this thread has no purpose now?

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