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[3.1.2]public.tekkitcrunch.com[PvE][50 slots][Open][100% Pure Tekkit]


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We are very pleased to announce the grand opening of the public map at TekkitCrunch.com!


A new kind of tekkit experience

"Restrictive plugins took away all of the best things about tekkit"

I don't know about you, but I hate limitations. Nothing irked me more than finding a good tekkit server and not being able to build until I registered. Later I find out that I don't have permission to do the things I love. Restrictive plugins took away all of the best things about tekkit.

Tekkitcrunch.com is out to change that. We are happy to make available a new map for anyone and everyone who wants to join. Privately owned, US based servers bring you the best gaming experience around. With twin dual core Intel Xenon processors, 4GB of ram and 15K rpm hard drives, you'll be hard pressed to experience server lag. Add to that an intentional lack of moderation, and you'll find yourself in a state of near perpetual bliss.

Join now and find yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing on hand, the way tekkit was intended. Be prepared to punch a few trees.


"Linux friendly"

You'll find that the community at TekkitCrunch is very friendly. Most of the administrators are seasoned computer geeks. We have a long history with minecraft; some of us still have beta maps on our hard drives. Most of us are very good with different flavors of Linux. It's hard to find a Linux friendly minecraft community anymore. So if you have any problems getting Tekkit to run on your Linux box, we may be able to help!

note: The game server, web server, and mumble server all run on different Linux machines.


"There is fun to be had"

1. Anyone can join.

2. There are admins, but they generally don't care what you do.

3. You can get banned for any reason, so don't tick them off.

4. There really is no way for you to join the private maps... sorry.

5. There is no creative mode.

6. There is fun to be had, so have at it.



To help improve your overall experience, we've made available the following to everyone:

1. A website with an easy to remember domain:

Build something amazing and you may find your work on the front page.

2. Online interactive map:


3. A Mumble server so you can chat with other players: mumble.tekkitcrunch.com:64738

4. Forums to keep up with your fellow miners:

Coming soon:
Live streamed G+ hangouts.

Server Plugins

  • Dynmap
  • Essentials
  • Multiverse
  • World Edit
  • Permissions Bukkit
  • World Guard



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wheres the ip?

It's public.tekkitcrunch.com

Why can't we go to the nether? Glowstone is one of the most usefull items in tekkit so it realy needs to e a way of getting it. Other then that i have nothing to say AT ALL on this server it's perfect exept for glowstone and some massive lagg(like now) sometimes.

I'm still working on the permissions for that :-/ I'll post an update when it's finished

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Seems I cant access the tekkitcrunch forum/ Issue being the server is feeding some major lag for all players. The few that arrived left immediately. I personal enjoy the server, but maybe a restart is in order? You know you wanna do it :D It would be much appreciated!

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Your spawn is destroyed and on log in players will fall to death. First time I logged in I was immediately set on fire by another player (possibly a ring of ignition) and then repeatedly fell to my death. The hole is about 55 blocks deep and I would say 200+ blocks wide. Not a good way to attract new players but I will give it the benefit of a doubt and attempt to log in sometime tomorrow evening.

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FWIW Let's not it forget that Jon is providing a service to you without cost, so you get what you pay for! I can tell you that even commercial servers lag (depending on setup) so if you have nothing constructive to say/offer then remember you can always go elsewhere :mad:

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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