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[3.1.2] TridiacTekkit ~ [PvP][50 Slots][Open][EE enabled!][Towny][Economy][LWC]


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We at Tridiac Believe to truly get the real tekkit experience, We have to make our Players

work for it.

On this server, we try to help our players as much as possible and try to have fun doing it. We don't ban anyone unless we have valid proof with our reason. We (Staff) will respect every new member unless they give us a reason not to so everything is fair. The main purpose for this server is so that new players (and old) can come together and enjoy the tekkit experience.

Have Fun!





Many of the over powered items in EE are disabled on this server, here's a list:

- Gem Armor

- Red Matter Armor

- Dark Matter Armor

- Most Rings (excluding swiftwolf's rending gale which is obtained at a certain class)

- Force feilds

- Destruction Catalyst

- World Anchor/Dimensional Anchor

- Deployers

- Block Breakers

- Quarries

There are also items that only certain Ranks can use:

-Dark matter tools

- Red matter tools

-Nuclear reactor

- Reactor Chamber

- Talisman of Repair

- Teleporters

- Timers/seqeuncers

- RM/DM Furnace


To get any of the "Restricted Items", you must be of the following Rank that gets it:

Player: What every new person starts as when they first join. They have all the items restricted.

Member: To get this rank, you'll have had to play at least 24 hours in-game.

They can use:

- Nuclear Stuff

- Talismen of Repair

- and can create Chestshops

Devoted: To get this rank, you'll have had to play at least 84 hours in-game. (yeah thats pretty long)

They can use:

- Timers/seqeuncers

- Can set 2 separate homes

- and can use colored signs

Veteran: To get this rank, you'll have had to play at least 120 hours in-game!

They can use:

- Teleporters

- Alchemical Tomb

- and don't lose there exp or items on death!

Now for the Donor Ranks:

Supporter: This rank is a $5 donation.

They can use:

- /back command

- /repair command

- and can set 3 different homes

- Can craft Energy Collectors

VIP: This rank is a $10 donation.

They can use:

- DM Furnace

- DM tools!

- Get a reserved slot on the server

- and the /feed command

- Can craft Anti-Matter Relays

Premium: This rank is a $20 donation.

They can use:

- Swiftwolf's Rending Gale (YAY!)

- Mobdisguise

- and set 4 different homes

Elite: This is the last rank (and highest other then staff) and is a $45 donation.

They can use:

-Red Matter Tools (including Red Morning Star!)

- and Red Matter Furnace



Server IP: tridiactekkit.servegame.com

RAM: 4096mb/4gb

There isn't much lag either.


- Owner: basketweaver33

- Mods: HostileChild,weldingsean1234

- Admins: Monkey_Bone

- Head-Admin: Phant0m64

(we're recruiting currently so if you stick with us you could have a chance of making mod!)


- Towny

- iConomy

- Lottery (Yes, there's a lottery)

- PvP Arena

- LWC (chest protection)

- Mobbountyreloaded (kill mobs, get money)

- ChestShop

- SimpleJail

- Permissionsex



- The Server is up 24/7 (dedicated) so you won't have to worry about downtime only when the server has maintenance to be done.

- Grief free in towns

- Is Survival type Tekkit

- No Whitelist

- Website registration with Forums

- Different Ranks including Donor Ranks

- No Lag with 50 slots

- Friendly staff

- Good Community

- Buy Kits and other nice perks

- PvP in wild areas so its recommended to join/create a town

- PvP Arena where you can battle it out for money without worry of lost items!

- Jail System

(Just an average) PvP Arena:



1. Don't ask for Staff.

2. Don't ask Staff for items.

3. Griefing is allowed only outside of towns.

4. Don't steal from protected chests.

5. Be nice and don't harass other players.

More Pictures:



Thanks for Visiting!

Please leave some feedback on your experience with us!

(whether it be good or bad, just don't be rude)

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I love this server it supprisingly has almost NO lag :D,

Its economy is very useful.

It has alot of Amazingly nice staff that always are helpful, there is always some staff admin(s) or someone online to help you with anything you could ever need.

I have never had any problems with anyone on the server.

Overall best server i have ever played on.

Please join trust me you will love it :)

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EE enables no way only Donaters can get EE you disabled all rings EVEN THE SWIFTWOLFS RENDING GALE All DM Tool All Rm Tools All EE Furnaces- Red matter armor and Dark matter armor talisman of repair, Just A Stupid server that will never become good cause u delete all the EE

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