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[3.1.2] Crystalcraft [PvE] [30 Slots] [Open] [EE Enabled]


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Server Info:

We now have a white-list due to griefers.. apply on this thread or at the website, located below.

Server Ip:

Server Rules: No Griefing, No excessive cursing or abusive manor to other players, respect admins/mods along with other players, no cheating (x-ray, etc.)

Banned Mods/Items: Currently no banned mods, but it is possible it will change in the future if it becomes unstable. Nukes are only available to admins/mods currently, but again, items may be banned if abused.

Major Plugins: We are not currently certain on the plugins yet, but definetly 'Essentials' plugins, 'Hawkeye anti-grief' and some sort land of land protection for the players.

Expected Uptime/Server Host: The server is 24/7 and is currently hosted in Stockholm, which like alot of other things, may change in the future.

Community, Requirements from you: We are strict on rule breaking, and if you don't comply with the set rules you will be banned unless you have a very good reason not to be, but if you comply with our rules, i'm certain you will have a great time.

Ranking: We have had a drop in moderators/admins recently due to them leaving, and we are eager to find a new group of people willing to keep a close eye on rule breakers, and to keep the server alive.

If you have any un-certainties or questions, come check out our website at crystalserver.webs.com.

Hope to see you there.

slayer37, on behalf of Nutkase(Owner).

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