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Tekkit Factory Challenge


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Me and my friend Brutakaj are willing to challenge somebody with moderate experience in factory building, and we will be building in Creative. The requirements are to have Skype, Evolve (The program, not the game), and the actual minecraft itself. I'm looking to challenge anyone. The item your factory produces, is anything as long as its not super easy to produce, such as: Wood, Stone, Emeralds, Redstone Alloy Wire and so on. Sabotage is allowed, though there will be a 1 min period once every 20 minutes, to Sabotage. You are aloud to use anything except explosives. The places you are aloud to build are in the sky, water or on land, and in order to build in the sky, you have to make a scaffolding, then you can remove the scaffolding after.  Although It will be a 2v2, try not to turn it into hell. Anyways, I'll see you in the challenge. (If you actually participate)

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