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Is there a guide on how to ban some items?


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Hi all, me and friends have gotten our server back up again, but this time we want to disable some items / cheats for various reasons.. main one being some things make it to easy, and we don't trust each other not to use them lol..

I think I figured out how to stop the cheat commands on our last server and how to not give people items when they click it in the right hand menu.. but if someone wants to refresh me on that, it would be great :)

anyway, the main items we want gone are pretty much everything from equivalent exchange apart from the condenser, power tools from industrial craft, and maybe a few more I have forgotten about..

I use a clan forge server if that helps, but if anyone wants to point me to a guide / give me a hint of where to look for the files and how to disable the items I require I would appreciate it.

thank you in advance :) happy mining!

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