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Please help Inv tweaks problem

Jake Granado

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Hello all, I have been having a weird problem lately. I think it has to do with Inv tweaks but even if I remove it i have same problems.

When I click the "z" to sort the chest, it sorts for a second, then scrambles them up again and always I am holding some item from the chest. It is the weirdest thing. That doesn't work and it attaches an item to my cursor.

Also, certain Items are a pain in the ass to stack. I knock down sugar cane and it will put it into two stacks. Trying to get them to stack involves repeated clicking of them on one another. even when they do stack, I back up from the chest and it get throw onto the floor sometime.

This is starting to get quite aggravating as I can't figure out what is causing it. It is make the game impossible to play. any suggestions would be great!


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