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[3.1.2]FutureCraft[PvP][7 slots][Open][Izone]Come Build the Future!


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Server IP:mclostworld.com

This is a pure survival Tekkit server, nothing was built with anything but blocks that are actually mined. Come help us civilize the land of and bring technology to it.

We also have a teamspeak server at the same address as the MC server.

At present, we have 10 slots and a good amount of up-time. I run the server entirely from a home server on a cable modem. As soon as we have enough money we will replace hardware and will open up 20 slots. Please consider donating, but you do not need to in order to enjoy the game. Donators have no special privileges.


  1. Absolutely no begging or whining. Any drama will result in instaban. I am owner, but I am also a player. I will not spend all my time listening you you complain, nor do I expect my moderators to. This is PVP server, so expect to be killed and have you stuff taken if you dont pay attention.
  2. In light of number 1, No bullying. Don't single someone out and make their time on the server miserable. Once you have killed and obtained their items, move on unless they come back after you. This is a hard rule to enforce, so penalty will be harsh for breaking it.
  3. Fowl language will not be tolerated. We have young children on this server including my own.


CreeperHeal. Sucks when a creeper blows up your mass fab just because some twerp came over just checking out your stuff and gets himself splattered on what is left of your walls.

As of yet, there are no banned items.

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