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[3.1.2]KastaCraft[PVE/PVP/Creative][60 slots][OPEN][mcMMO, Stargates, Economy][No EE/BuildCraft]


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• Website: www.kastacraft.com

• Server Address: tekkit.kastacraft.com

• We are a family-friendly survival server at heart. We have gone with a TEKKIT server for the ease of access and intergration of mods like RedPower2, BuildCraft and RailCraft. While we are based around survival style game play in our main world map of Origin, the use of MultiVerse lets us to also offer a Creative world and PVP in restricted zones.

• We are a new server and comunity, but our founding members are real/life friends/Family and have been playing online games together for years. We are pleased to open our server to the public and invite you to join us and help build this causual, family friendly server and comunity.

The Founders: Kastadja, Sci648, Ishycat, VoidOloth, Thutkin, Ishys_Kitten

• More on game-play, ranks, VIP perks and back Story, to be added/Updated soon) •


• Essentials (Homes, Warps, Simple Economy, Sign Shops and lots more)

• MultiVerse-Core-Invetories-Nether Portals(Provide Enhanced Multi World Experiance)

• Stargates (Fun and veristile transportaion systems within and between worlds)

• mcMMO (Skill-up special abilites and enhance your game-play)

• Grief-Provention (Allows you the player to claim, protect and manage your own land)

• KeepItems (Depending on rank can stop you from dropping your items on death)

• Dynmap (Real-time World Maps)

• • • Anti-Grief and Anti- Cheat/Hack/Exploit Plugins • • •

• MCBans (Most habitual grifers won't even get the chance to log in and touch your stuff!)

• NoCheatPlus (Because you hate hackers / cheaters / Exploiters and so do we!)

• Grief-Provention (Land claim, protect and management)(Also listed in the section above)

• Core-Protect (Block Logging, Roll-Back and Restore for any greif that slips through the cracks)

• • • Admin Plugins • • •

• WorldGaurd, WorldEdit, WorldBorder, JOPHpromote, PermissionsEx


We are currently hosted on:

• Quad core Intel Xeon E3-1270 3.4Ghz

• 16GB DDR3-1333 RAM

• Intel Solid State Drives

• 7200rpm SATA3 Western Digital drives (For Backups)

• Custom written Linux kernels for extra performance

• Multi Gigabit and 10-Gigabit capable backbone providers.

• All running on Rock Solid Cisco equipment.

• SAS70 Type II audited data center.

• Directly peered with over 100 other networks including AT&T (Level 3)

• Always check our website for news, updates and information on commands and features.


VISITORS: Read all of the server rules, IF and ONLY IF you intend to obey the rules then

return to the server and chat the following words: I will obey the rules

• Respect your fellow players and our staff, don't Harass anyone.

• Don't argue with staff, go to the forums and file an appeal if you feel you need to.

• Don't Grief, Steal, hack, Cheat, Exploit, Dupe or AFK script/macro. (By any means)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • Rules for Creative World Access • • • •

• You can not use the /sell command in the Creative World.

• Your inventory in the Creative World is kept separate from other worlds.

• You will need to claim land in the Creative World to build on it. Trying to build in the Creative World on unclaimed land will display a video link to guide you.

• ALL other Server Rules DO apply in the Creative World.


• No timers/machines or systems cycling faster than once (1) per second.

• Build timers/machines with an off switch and turn them off before you log out!

• If you build a lagy machine it may be disabled/destroyed if you don't fix it.

• Don't ask to be given Mod, Admin or OP. (Staff applications are on the forums)

• Don't advertise other servers!

• Don't communicate in all caps (Caps-lock lied to you, it's not your friend)

• NO Sexually Explicit or Racist or Homophobic or Hate-related chat, posts or builds.

• KEEP IT CLEAN! excessively foul or excessive use of fool language may get you banned.

• As per MCBans rules, Nazi Symbols/Skins are global-ban offenses.


(Origin_Nether / Mining Planets / Server sponsored arenas and Special Events)

• The GriefPrevetion plugin has special functions in PVP zones, you will need to watch the appropriate video on our websites 'How Do I' menu tab.

• In PVP Grief and Stealing are permitted, BUT ONLY inside server sponsored PVP Zones!

• ALL other Server Rules DO apply in all PVP areas.


TEKKIT is a multi-player port of a single player MOD pack and contains some Mods/Features that were NEVER originally meant for a multi player servers. We balance this by removing or restricting some MODs and items. Balancing is an ongoing and evolving effort and we will adjust that balance as we grow and newer versions of TEKKIT are released.

• Chunk Loaders - Restricted - (admin placed as need to enhance gameplay)

• Equivalent Exchange - Disabled - (some items may be added back after testing)

• Buildcraft - Disabled - (LAGS! and RedPower2 already does most of what needed)

• Computer Craft - Restricted - (admin only)(Members use the redpower computers instead)

• Balkon's Weapon Mod - Restricted - (testing to allow use in all PVP zones)

• Blockbreakers - Restricted - (being tested)

• Mining Lasers - Restricted - (testing to allow use in all PVP zones)


We are still in set-up and testing, please regard your current your play-time here as beta.

Server re-set may be needed when we upgrade to Tekkit for MC 1.3.x.


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errrrrrrr how do i access the creative world?

You need to be a member JUST like the signs in the spawn room tells you, then you can access Survival, Creative, Nether and mining planet.

You do not need to sign-up AND you do not register! You follow the instructions in the spawn room that tell you to read the rules tab on the website, then come back and chat the phrase you were given on the rules tab, if you do it, you will be auto-promoted instantly by a plugin.

If you can't or won't read the rules and chat the acceptance phrase to become a member, then this is not going to be the server for you, but thanks for giving it a try!


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cause i've been looking for a creative tekkit server and this might be the one(note:is red matter+dark matter banned?)

Banned Mods/Items are on the rules tab on the website, along with reason they are banned, and IF/When they may be put back in the game.


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failed to login:bad login?is the server cracked?

No! this is a fully legit server.

If you running a cracked client you cant play on this server, Or if you got kicked for spam you would ahve hit a re-log timer which would have made you wait form 2 to 5 minutes to log back in depending on the violation level it kicked you for. Since I cant find ANY record of your account every making it past loggin, Im thinking you may be using a bad or cracked client and it will not let you play here.


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