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[3.1.2] XtreamCraft [60 slots][open][Multiworld|LWC|GriefPrevention][TS3]


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Welcome to the xtreamcraft Tekkit Page!

Vist xtreamcraft.com



This is a simple server decided to Tekkit. We are running Tekkit Version 3.0.3. We have have 20 player slot server, but it can be upgraded if needed. Build whatever, just have fun while doing it!

We are looking for people that enjoy Tekkit, and people that act Mature.

Our Server has a dedicated host!!!. It is up 24/7! We go by EST on the server.

Feel free at ask me questions about the server here on this forum or on my website!

Website: www.xtreamcraft.com

Skype: xtreamcraft

Email: [email protected]


1. No Griefing allowed

2. No talking in all "CAPS"

3. No asking to be promoted

4. No chat spam

5. Listen to the Staff/Mods / Admins

6. No bug abuse

7. No fire and explosives

8. No disrespecting staff

9. No trapping players

10. No swearing

11. No Racism

Breaking any of these rules can result in a Temp Ban or Permanent Ban!


We have many plugin that helps us run our Tekkit Server!

Such plugins as:

- World Guard

- World Edit

- Essentials

- Log Block

- Autosave


- and more...


Version: Tekkit 3.0.3

Plugins: Plugins to manage and protect the server

Community: Mature Players.

Age Group: Between 15 - 30

To the FUTURE!

We plan on doing alot in the future. We don't want to just have a server we want to have a Community, but we have to work up to that!

We plan on doing things like:

- Community Builds

- Give Aways, such as Steam Games

- Events

- And More....

Banned Items

It's a long list...

# Hurricane Boots

# Mining Laser

# Energy Condenser

# Divining Rod

# Divining Rod

# Divining Rod

# Teleporter

# Void Ring

# Quantum boots

# Quantum Helmet

# Quantum Bodyarmor

# Quantum Leggings

# Mining Turtle

# Mining turtle wireless


Additional Details

This is Our 50+ Slot tekkit server. It is 100% free to play on and the best part is that there is no white lis to get on the server. Invite all your friends to come and experience our wonderful server

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