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[3.1.2] XoXCraft [PvE Survival][50 Slots][Open][Economy, Towny][No EE & Balkans Weapons]


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First things first:

Server IP: XoXCraft.com


1. No Griefing

2. No Stealing

3. No racism or any other disrespect against other players, especially staff

Banned Items/Mods:

Equivalent Exchange:

I have decided to ban EE because in my opinion it makes the game WAY to easy.

There is also a problem with many of the tools in EE bypassing grief protections.

If you don't know what EE is, it's the mod with Condenders, Collectors, Relays, Transmutation Tablets, etc.

Balkans Weapons:

This mod was removed because we are a server without PvP and all ranged weapons in this mod bypass PvP checks so I had to remove it.

Mining Laser: The mining laser is banned because it bypasses grief and PvP protection.

Nukes: Nukes are banned in general but if you have a legitimate reason to use one, just ask!

Major Plugins:

BOSEconomy, Towny, LWC, CoreProtect, AutoRank.

What is this server all about?

This is a friendly, 24/h Survival Server.

The goal on here is to play together, mine, and get as advnanced as possible.

There is no PvP and you can be sure that if you get griefed, it will be fixed.

If you got enough money you can make a town, maybe invite some friends and trade with other towns.

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