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Diamond Pipes have gone all weird


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Hi. this is my first post. huzzah.

I play tekkit. I am currently on the latest version on tekkit. my server is in a "default out of the box" configuration and we use essentials lockete and multiverse on bukkit.

The problem I have is with diamond pipe, they keep sending items and blocks down the wrong pipe. the first thing i did was check the wiki. the wiki says

The items continue on the Client side until they reach a chest or similar container. However opening the chest reveals that all items are sorted correctly after all. The glitch appears on all clients until the server is restarted and does no harm at all.

and this, at first, seemed to be true. The items and blocks do go back to normal.

The problem however is that little piles of items begun forming by the diamond pipes of the same items that glitch out. which you can pick up. i wouldn't usually mind, its free stuff, but the piles can get up to 3 stacks as i have allot of quarries going through them at once. which lags my client ALLOT.


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