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Waterproof Teleport Pipe

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So I was trying to pump oil from a location about 400m away, I was using waypoints to find my way there and back, and when I turned it on I headed back after placing 4 chuck loading blocks in a square around it just to make sure I got any oil around the area in the loading. When I reached my base I took a bucket to start up an engine for refining and got nada from it. I repeatedly checked the pump and the engines to no avail. Thinking the pipes might be messed up I replaced the stone with gold even though I could see oil flowing into both and headed back. I also have many chunk loading blocks in my home even though my friends rarely leave the area and I come back to check again. Still no oil so I decided to check the waterproof teleport pipe there and find it to be flickering between 0 and 1 connected pipes. Sorry about the long story but I wanted to give as much detail as I could before I asked does anyone know what causes that or how to fix it? I'm currently running the most recent Tekkit.

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