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Tekkit mini sutters minecraft every second


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Hey guys, I am looking for a solution for my problem, but I am afraid there is no help, since I installed tekkit, whether I play on a singleplayer map or on my server I get these mini stutters/freezes every second, it is very annoying and irritating and I am hoping for someone to answer my problems.

Things I have tried:

Looked up for solutions on these and other forums, 
Increased java to 2 gigs in "Advanced system options" under JAVA_OPTIONS,


added xms arguments in the launcher to increase java,

increased java memory in the launcher.

allocated higher priority to java processes.

I am running out of ideas at this point frankly, any help is appreciated.

Looked up "F3" function in minecraft and still its not even using up half of the allocated java memory and it still stutters for no apparent reason.


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