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LAN issues. ID Mismatch, etc.


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A friend and I, who both have legit Minecraft accounts, are trying to play on a LAN server. However, when my friend clicks "Open to LAN", the LAN starts, but I cannot connect because of this:


Now, I'm not stupid when it comes to most issues regarding computers, so my first instinct was to check the version numbers between both of our Hexxit installations. They both matched. Then, I checked the MD5 hashes for them as well, both matched yet again. We've both deleted and reinstalled Hexxit with no luck.

Ports are opened and all related applications are allowed through both of our firewalls. I've changed the default port many times. Ports have been forwarded on the router. I've also tried hosting the LAN server myself, but on their end, they get the "end of stream" error.

At this point, I have run out of options. Can anyone please help? Thanks so much!

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