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[3.1.2]XeroCraft[NO-PvP][18 slots][Open][BOSEconomy, Towny][24/7][NO-EE]


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Hello and welcome to XeroCraft! Now in Tekkit!





Our server is a Towny, and Economy based server. We are looking to have a strong economy, and a few large towns and nations, along with a fun and mature community of gamers. A few plugins our server has are, BOSEconomy, floAuction, Towny, CommandBook, TreeAssist, MobBounty, and many more. We try to ensure no-greifing the best we can, with plugins like towny, lwc and LogBlock. We hope that you enjoy your stay, and that you might even join our clan, and play other games with us.


XeroCraft is owned by Xero-Gaming, a clan that plays multiple games, including Star-craft and League of Legends. This means that alot of features won't be available to guests, and you must apply for knight on our website, to gain the extra privileges. Althought the clan is fairly layed back, we still require you to be active on our forums, mumble and in game to get accepted as a Knight. We do currently use mumble as our Voice Program, and anyone can join, so if you want to talk to people while playing minecraft, be sure to jump right on.


-Respect any and all-

-Try to keep it to a PG13 Level-

-Don't abuse bugs/glitchs/etc-

-Do not greif-

-No Hacks/Xrays-

-Have Fun-

-Don't harras or bother people-

EE is currently disabled

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