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[3.1.2]TekkitCraft.co[PvE/PvP][100 slots][Open][GriefPrevention][StarGate] - Pure Tekkit!


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TekkitCraft.co is a 24/7 Multiplayer server geared at allowing its players to enjoy tekkit and not clutter it up with all kinds of other plugins.


server spawn

Server Vitals:



Banned Items:

Major Plugins:
GriefPrevention, Essentials, Stargates, Hawkeye, Signshop


  1. Respect all mods, admins, and owners
  2. No griefing allowed. All blocks are logged.
  3. No stealing. Not from chests, even if they are unlocked, nor from houses even if the owner appears to have left.
  4. No asking for materials or favors from mods, admins, and owners
  5. No flymod or X-ray or any other type of hack. Players who use any hack will be permanently banned on sight.
  6. Do not spam or type in all CAPS.
  7. Do not intrude or build on another players claimed area without permission
  8. No offensive language or insulting other players
  9. Don't Be Stupid


Since we just launched, we are just starting our community. But we are looking for players that want to join a server and make it their home, a place to relax and play the game. We have all the tools for a good community ( website, wiki, etc). So come and help us form a community that you would want to be a part of!

Complete List of Plugins: ( some are not in use yet)

Vault, Multiverse-Core, dynmap, T00thTransaction, LagMeter, WorldEdit, Multiverse-Inventories, PermissionsEx, Stargate, Jail, WorldGuard, ScheduledAnnouncer2, GriefPrevention, IcePvPControl, Herochat, Essentials, WorldBorder, Dynmap-GriefPrevention, HawkEye, StandAloneShowcase, GriefPrevention Realestate, TekkitRestrict.



  1. 500 Bonus Claim blocks
  2. Reserver Spot on the server - Join even if Full!
  3. Take NO fire DAMAGE!
  4. Gain the use of Landmarks to make any size Quarry.
  5. Set up to 5 homes using /sethome <name>
  6. Access to Members only Store ( Coming soon)
  7. Access to Ring of Ignition and Zero Ring
  8. Daily Members-only kit!
  9. Colors in chat!


  1. 1000 Bonus Claim blocks
  3. Breath Underwater!
  4. Set up to 10 homes using /sethome <name>
  5. Access to Members/VIP only Store ( Coming soon)
  6. Access to ALL IN GAME ITEMS
  7. Daily VIP-only kit! includes some items Not able to be obtained any other way!
  8. Computer Craft Access!
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