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If you join the game with out reading the short guides in this thread you will likely not know what the hell you are doing and get mad and quit. The server is hardcore meaning the mobs are hard. You have to know how to use the basics of the faction system to survive unless your a serious minecraft pro. Read the fucking quick explanations below thats why they are on this page.

This is a hardcore server. We have disabled or nerfed a lot of things that allow enormous amounts of EMC to be generated. We have scoreboards at spawn, and a nifty faction system. Nobody can open your chests or doors! But, they can grief you if your power is too low.

Quick Factions Explanation:

To create a faction: /f create <faction-name>

To charge the faction power (to claim land and defend attacks) type this while holding something worth EMC in your hand: /f charge

To claim land. It claims a 16x16 from sky to bedrock piece of land walk to find borders of the claim. To claim type this: /f claim

To set it up where you can teleport home you need to stand on your land and use: /f sethome

To teleport home you need to do: /f home

For more detailed explanation look at bottom of this post.

Hall Of Fame:

To see hall of fame players: /fame

Quick Server Feature Overview:

Nether walking disabled, armors adjusted, mobs do more damage (hide at night if not wearing armor), solar arrays need coolant cells, condensers 50% input efficiency, collectors nerfed, spawn has bridges leading away and land is protected and pvp disabled to infinity following bridges, scoreboards for most powerful faction and longest surviving player, rm furnace dupe fixed, transmutation tablet dupe fixed, EE items will not break protected blocks, EE items will not damage in protected areas, /spawn is now /f spawn and uses 10% faction power (can be used with zero power), beds disabled and do not work use /f sethome and /f home instead which uses 10% faction power (can be used with zero power), land protection (factions)

Quick Guide:

As a guide to get started. You should run along one of the bridges leading out of spawn. You can not be hurt and you can run forever in that direction even though the bridges stop. You can not build along this. Keep running until no players are following you or mobs. Then run off in another direction. Find a place and build a small house. Create a faction. Use wood to charge the faction, dirt, or cobble. Once charged enough use /f claim to claim the land then do /f sethome now if you die you can /f home to get back. Now, start working your way up and charge your faction power as you go along to keep people from raiding your base.

Server Host:

Our server host is excellent. They can handle any problem presented to them including requests for custom tekkit builds and everything. And, they respond to you problems quickly. Also, they provide low latency high bandwidth internet connections for their servers. I have used hosts out there that provide what I like to call inconsistent CPU power. Now, you have all the RAM in the world but if your CPU power drops too low your going to get laggy conditions. The server wont crash on you but it will get laggy. And, for many hosts I have found this to be a problem. Now with our host they give you tons of memory for a cheap price, AND they give you awesome CPU horsepower. The server starts up in record times like 4 seconds flat. So check out http://www.tekkithost.com.

Server IP:

Powered By http://www.tekkithost.com.

Server rules:

Do not try to freeze or lag the server. Also, do not exploit and tell everyone else on the server. This is a competitive server and I will likely be upset. If you find an exploit use it, enjoy it, and tell me about it when I get on and you can keep the stuff you got from it.

Any mods removed/disabled from the base Tekkit Pack?

The only disabled item is alchemy bags because they provide a 100% safe place to store your items.

Major Plugins:

All plugins on the server are custom written. Our major plugin is KFactions which provides land protection but if different from any other faction system.

Expected Uptime:


Powered By http://www.tekkithost.com.

Community: Hardcore players who like a challenge.

Graylist/Whitelist: No graylist No whitelist

Detailed Factions Explanation

A faction's access is controlled by rank. A rank is a number between 0 and 1000. The owner of the faction is given the rank of 1000. You can not set someone's rank equal or above your own rank. You can change the rank of anyone below you. You can kick anyone from the faction with a lesser rank. You can not kick someone the same rank as you. People who join the faction start at rank 0, and anyone not in the faction is given the rank of -1. For some permissions you can give a rank of -1 and this will allow anyone to do something even if they are not in yor faction.

setmri Set minimum rank to invite. If you rank equals or is above then you can invite people into the faction. To change the minimum rank to invite you must be equal or greater than the rank and use the command /f setmri <new-rank>

setmrc minimum rank to claim (/f claim)

setmrz minimum rank to zap (/f zap)

setmrtp minimum rank to teleport (/f home) and (/f tptp <who> <to-whom>)

Each chunk has it's own build rank and usage rank. Usage means opening doors, activating levers, and such forth. While build rank means placing or destroying blocks. To see the rank on the chunk you are standing on you type /f inspect and they will be displayed. To change the ranks on that chunk you are standing on your use the commands /f cbrank <new-rank> to set the build rank and /f curank <new-rank> to set the usage rank.

You can also set block specific ranks. For example. Hold a piece of cobblestone in your hand and type /f br 900. Now, someone must be rank 900 or greater to place or break cobblestone in that chunk. You can also restrict people from using a certain block or machine by holding it your hand and typing /f bru 900 which would require someone to have a rank of 900 to use it. You can also grant low rank people the ability to use something for example. If you set the chunks minimum usage and build rank to say 900 using /f curank 900 and /f cbrank 900 then for example hold a chest in your hand and type /f bru 10 this would prevent anyone who is not rank 900 from using anything in the chunk except the chest if they are rank 10. You must do this on a per-chunk basis. So you have to walk around and check using /f inspect. This system can also allow you to make safe bunkers that might store valuables and prevent lower ranked factions members from accessing them.

The commands /f addfriend <name> and /f remfriend <name> can be used to give a specific person outside the faction (or inside) a certain rank. For example you can give your buddy a rank of 250 so he can open chest but not build stuff. Or, you can give [RedPower], [ComputerCraft], [industrialCraft], and any other special dummy player build access so machines or quarrys will work on faction land but beware your enemy could use this to for example setup a quarry to mine your base away. So you might want to just use these things outside of faction land OR only give a rank of 100 and make just one chunk have a build rank of 100 that you want to use the quarry on so all the enemy could do is mine away that one chunk and minimize your loses.

What is a chunk? A chunk is a 16x16x256 area of land. A chunk is not defined by where you stand when you type /f claim. The details of how a chunk is defined are beyond the scope of this overview. Once you make a claim to find the boundaries just find where it changes to wilderness as you walk around.

So you want to attack someone? You have to create an explosion. You can use TNT, nuke, novas, or creepers. Each explosion uses up a certain amount of faction power to prevent it from breaking any blocks. The more blocks effected the more faction power used. How much? Well, thats part of the game which is finding out through testing. Now, you can charge your faction power which makes it strong and makes the attacker have to spend more money. The amount of damage a nuke does is directly related to the amount it costs to make it. Thus two players neck to neck may find each other unbeatable if one puts all his EMC into making nukes and the other puts all his EMC into charging his faction. The faction power versus explosions was balanced specifically for this reason. Now, some factions may require thousands of nukes or novas. What to do? Well, you can zap another faction using /f zap <faction-name> <amount> this will consume your own faction's charge to knock out the other factions charge/power. For example if you zap faction ABC for 340000 power then you lose 340,000 power and the ABC faction loses 340,000 over 48 hours. Why 48 hours? This gives the defender time to come online and do /f showzaps and say oh shit and start charging his faction to counter your zap. But, there is a twist. What is the twist you ask? Well you cant zap anyone with power less than you. This keeps large powerful factions from picking on smaller factions easily. You could just not charge your faction much right? Well, that is true but then its becomes dangerous because on the scoreboard at spawn everyone will see how much your base is worth and notice how little power you have and the guys your size might try to take you down and succeed especially if they use nukes, tnt, and novas which take away charge instantly unlike zaps which work over 48 hours.

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I will think about it. But, I have run into bad issues with people being OP/MOD because they start spawning items, giving item away, or using their powers to go around our server game mechanics for gains.

So I am really trying to design a server so that it does not need OPs. For example, I still need to do this, add the /ignore command in so people can ignore someone instead of needing an OP to mute them.

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Added in free colored names.

/setdname <name>

So if your name is kmcguire3413 and you wanted to color it. You would do:

/setdname &1kmc&2guire3413

You have to use your base name but you can insert any color anywhere. A valid color is any number 0 through 9 or the letters A through F. Such as &a&b&c&d&e&f or &0&1&2&3&4&5&6....

To reset just do:


With no name argument.

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Added computer board for longest living player. I may adjust it to consider AFK (non-moving), and also adjust it for PVP and PVE so a player gains more points if they are engaged in PVP/PVE and active instead of just online. And, also not being in spawn! But, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

So come and join and see if you can be the longest surviving player, and the faction with the most power. But, be warned having the most power can be a bad thing.

I will add in later for an all time high score for longest surviving player for those that get high up, and end up dieing since we all eventually do usually.

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And... (drums please)....

A new awesome board at spawn that shows the EMC worth of a faction. Yep. It calculates the EMC value of all the land and of every item in any container, chest, condenser, machine, and so forth. Therefore, giving a grand view of the most wealthy factions in the world.

This is interesting because if you like to raid you can take a look at how much faction power someone has versus what the board reports is their net worth and make better target selection. But, the board only shows the top 16 or so factions. I might add it later where it might show more somehow.

And for a interesting picture:


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We now have implemented the first version of auto-terrain healing. It took some working with the internals of the Bukkit and native minecraft server internals, but finally a original chunk can be produced with out changing the world which can be used to heal terrain not claim by a faction almost back to it's original state.

It of course needs some tweaking since at the moment it spends a bit too much time on a single chunk, but in due time all the nuke holes around spawn will become healed unless the players try to fight it by nuking more! Then I suppose I will just have to make it have an adaptive speed.

So come check the server out! If you like some challenge to tekkit but cant force yourself to do then come play on ours. We have lowered armor defense and changed a lot of the mechanics for more game challenge!

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I have released the custom terrain regeneration plugin. This plugin can work immediately on any world you have unlike some other plugins which may need to record block change data in order to reverse it. Instead it generates a copy of the original chunk in memory and applies a water like algorithm to slowly (or very quickly) regenerate a chunk smoothly while preserving (entombing) existing player structures which adds this very interesting element to your world of things such a sunken base of sorts. Now, if you build above the original land height then obviously it will not become entombed.

You can also adjust the speed by the number of blocks per tick. It can run really fast or really slow.

By default it will work with other land protection system by generating the appropriate events in Bukkit and therefore will not regenerate land claimed by most faction systems including towny (testing needed). The full source is also located below.

So nuke the world to your hearts content! Blow away everything surround spawn and watch the newbies cry! But, beware it wont stay like that forever anymore, LOL.


Compare this image to the top image of spawn:


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This server is good but the admin is pittyful. Doesnt listen when you talk and just makes stupid assumptions kmc is just the worse... and its really sad and pathetic dude is the worse. like was it that simple to listen to what I hada say? and be alittle girl and bitch about it... like your sad and pathetic kmc should be goddamn ashame of yourself.... and maybe next time listen to your fucking members cuz they know what actually happen not your little immature pathetic assumptions...

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You were banned for being involved with the guys who thought it was funny to freeze up the server, grief spawn, and then attempt to distribute all their items to keep from being punished as they could simply rejoin with an alt and continue their behavior in an attempt to disrupt the server.

Now, you wish to come onto the forums and whine, cry, and say oh I been done wrong. Oh I did nothing to anyone. Oh, I was banned for no reason. Please, everyone this kmc is such a bad person he just bans people for no reason.

But, when I questioned you on the server and asked you to come clean multiple times you insisted your innocence and that you knew nothing about what happened. And, finally right before you got banned you decided to accuse me of wrongdoing and then you seen yourself disconnected and banned.

I asked you multiple times but you think that you are better than me. That you are somehow higher than me. I spent many hours working on that server trying to fix the bugs and make things fair and you did not even have the decency to give me the respect. So now you can find yourself another server to play on.

And, also if your going to come on the forums and whine like a little baby child then at least learn to spell or find a decent spell checker because half your sentences and what not are barely readable so at least take the time to make a post that people can understand and read.

It does not matter what you say on the forums. I pay the bill each month for the server and if a player is making me waste all me time going through logs and causing trouble they are going to get banned, and if you are a friend of this player and actively defend then and aid them in any way to continue disrupting the server and offer me no help in stopping the problem you will be banned.

You sir have been banned for aiding someone who wishes to disrupt the server. Now, stop making yourself look stupid making these half readable posts and go find another server and hopefully you end up banned on that server too and then you can understand why you were banned on this one.

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Actually your an ugly ass kid lmao thats what you are i didnt do shit i dont give a fuck if im friends with them your pusst ass self dont know and i wasnt on when they crashed the server so you can stfu about that telling me what i did when you dont even know your pathetic im not whinning pussy im exposing you for being a Little bitch who doesnt know shit what was going on nigga so how about you fucking actually grow a fucking pair nigga idgaf on who you are admin idc?????? If i wanted to grief your server i wooda done it? If i wanted to shut it up i wooda done it so stfu you have people that dupe all the time in the server dont come to me blamming My " friends " for everything nigga when your pussy ass self dont know shit fried nigga... Your pathetic

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You just proved my point. That above is mainly what got you banned. That attitude you have towards me and the guys that were causing trouble that you were defending.

Nope, people do not dupe all the time on the server. All dupes that used to work have been fixed. You also have no idea what you are talking about.

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