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Diamond/Teleport pipe sorting experiment gone wrong


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I was attempting to setup an automatic sorting system on my server using Diamond Transport & Item Teleport pipes when it all went horribly wrong. The blocks/items were bouncing back and forth between several sections of pipe so I broke the pipes to collect the items and start over thinking I had set it up wrong. Only a few seconds later my session lagged and was dropped.

Now, I can not enter that chunk without being dropped and start to lag horribly when I even approach it. I was able to login and quickly teleport myself to spawn from the console before getting booted again. So at least I can get in and experiment or investigate. Everywhere else on the server runs great.

I was able to slowly approach the area and use the '/remove items xxx' command to get back in the area and was able to disassemble the entire experiment, but still the area seems effected. I have tried using chunkster to fix corrupted chunks and I've been reading for the last 3 hours on several different forums to try and clear this up.

Any suggestions for a solution. I'd even take 'deleting' that area of chunks and regenerating them at this point.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I, I think I fixed it... I used the /remove items 100 command to sneak back into the area and there were some 850+ entities/items removed... So I logged out, stopped the server and went on a bug hunt. I found a ICLxxx.DAT file which made me think Industrial Craft Logistics (aka teleport pipes) I renamed it, restarted the server and viola.. No lag in that chunk area again !! Sweet!

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