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World Crash :(


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So, me and my friends was enyojing some Tekkit.

We have our own server, a dedicated PC, wich has more then enough power to handle our small group.

But it seems like once every 3-4 weeks the whole thing crashes and becomes EXTREMLY laggy. Like 0,5fps.

The server dont show anything different in the "log", and it does'nt crash. It just runs like ^shit^.

Last time it happend i thought it was from my miningturtle-abuse, hehe, but now it happend again. And we have'nt done anything out of the ordinary.

I would very much appreciate if someone could tell my, WHY it happend, and if anything can be done to save our world.



I highlighted some stuff that I thought looked out of place

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I've restarted the server many, MANY times. Rebooted the PC.

Even deleted and re-installed everything except the "world-files". Still messed up :/

So I know there's something wrong within the world. I would just like to know where to start

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