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[3.1.2]AatuCraft[PvE][30 slots][Open][EE enabled][All mods enabled][Survival, Mature]


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Server Spawn:



Shops in the spawn:2gvoa69.png

Spawn Pub/Bar:


Spawn Blutricity Shop:


Homes of some locals:



About us:

We are a 30 slot server looking for creative builders. We started off with just the few of us and decided we would like to make a world together and let our creative minds go to work while allowing other players to do the same. We believed a tekkit server was the best choice since it added many more options to the game allowing an overall better game experience. This server on a fresh map and is looking for players who are willing to help us create a wonderful world while keeping a close, helpful community. We are always willing to help others and hope to form a community that can do the same. We hope this type of community. the desire to build and the desire to help others will allow our server to stand out from the others. Anyone is welcome, so come on. What are you waiting for? The party is on the server.

What to expect in the server?


Starter Kits (In game use: /kit starter)


Equivalent Exchange

Planned PvP Arenas

Mods and Admins who are always willing to help.

Slots: 30


1. Use common sense(if it seems wrong, don't do it)

2. NO griefing of any sort(refer to post about griefing)

3. No Complaining excessively!

4. No PVP outside PVP arenas

5. Keep your distance from other builds

6. No sexual, political, or religious discussions.

7. Have fun!


Minecraft 1.2.5

Tekkit + laucher (http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/)

Recommended Tekkit Version - We are always on top of the updates.

Currently: Tekkit 3.1.2






**Equivalent Exchange: Enabled**


Nuclear items - Enabled

Ender world - Enabled

Basically everything else is enabled unless someone abuses it. \\

Forums: aatucraft.forumotion.com

Server IP: aatucraft.provisionhost.com

Extra Information:

We are a new server looking for creative minds. We use Tekkit to offer mods like IndustrialCraft, ComputerCraft, EquivalentExchange, and tons more.

Game Version: Minecraft 1.2.5

Tekkit Version: Tekkit 3.1.2

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