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Joining my server


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I downloaded and installed Hamachi on my laptop.

I want to run Tekkit on my laptop while running the client on my desktop.

I can join the server running on my laptop when I don't put in any IP Address in the Server Properties but connect from my desktop using the laptop's IP Address (Not Hamachi's).

I want to run the server using the IP given by Hamachi on my laptop so that my friends can play on my server too.

When I use the IP Address given by Hamachi for the Tekkit server, I am unable to see it up on my desktop but my friends are able to join it.

I tried searching if other people had a similar problem but didn't understand how to forward the port or something.

My laptop has wireless internet connection while my desktop is wired.

Both use the same internet connection/modem.

I hope someone would be able to help me. =/

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They are both connected to the same modem so, when I want to join my server that's running on my laptop from the client on my desktop, I don't have to put any IP Address in the server properties but I have to put the laptop's own IP Address when adding the server on the client.

If I do this, my friend won't be able to join because they are not connected to the same internet connection I am connected to.

Which is why I have to use Hamachi for them to join my server but, when I put in the IP Address that I got from Hamachi (IPv4) for the server properties on my laptop and use that same IP Address by editting it into the server I added on the client that's on my desktop, I am unable to see it online even though the server is up.

Case 1:

Server Properties (Server on laptop): server-ip=

Joining my server (Client on desktop): I am able to using laptop's own IP Address (The one I found by using Command Prompt with the command "ipconfig").

Friends: Will not be able to join.

Case 2:

Server Properties (Server on laptop): server-ip=5.XXX.XXX.XXX (IP Address that I got from Hamachi).

Joining my server (Client on desktop): I am not able to join the server because it doesn't even know that it is up on my client (Yes, I changed the IP Address on the server I added for Multiplayer).

Friends: Will be able to join.

Lastly, just to clear any further doubts, I have joined (from the Hamachi on my desktop) the network that I created on the Hamachi that's installed on my laptop.

I am also a programmer (maybe not a really good one) so I think this explanation should be detailed enough. =O

Please help. .___________.

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right first soz bout taking so long to reply i spent most of yesterday without internet coz my hub desided it didnt wanna work buh anyway i see wat ur sayin the setup i use is a bit wired buh seam to work. as u said u got the laptop and desktop on the hamachi linked now this is were mine gets odd

friend: server properties ip.( ) However my friend is link to my laptops hamachi and uses the same as below

desktop: when adding server in tekkit in the server address i put the laptop hamachi ip

this seam to work for us even taking the fact that he plays at home and not in my internal network

there is also me and a house mate that play using the internal network all at the same time

how ever there is a possibility this may not work for u coz i have a large internal network that connects 5 other device's

(not inc my desktop) all using my desktop as the center point so there is a chance that my friend is connecting to the pre

non-tekkit network and then my desktop is doing the rest since i can connect my laptop to that network outside of it range as long as i have internet unfortunately i build and fix computers for a living not setup networks so mines a bit of a boge job learning as i go setup witch probly means iv done it all wrong and some how made something work that shouldnt buh its worth a try sorry i cant be anymore help like i said i have a very wired network set up

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It's fine! I'm already happy and grateful that you're responding to my post when you don't even know who I am. Thanks a lot, really. I'm just waiting for one of my friends who play Minecraft/Tekkit with me to come online to test what you mentioned out. I really hope it works. I'll let you know if it does!

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