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Tekkit Map - Marbleous Puzzle


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Marbleous (Sounds Like Marvelous) Puzzle its a map that needs Tekkit to play and its my first ever map I created.

The map includes thinking , searching , jumping and luck :)

It's kinda a short map (don't treat the outside of the start point building its not part of the puzzle map its just some tekkit experiments I did).

I Recommend using Sphax Texture pack (in the download file).

pics :

Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?madoost4rc6twvp

Rules : You're allowed to break only Dirt.

Placing blocks only allowed from the chests and in the same room its taken.

Play On Peaceful

Use the beds for new spawn point(you can cheat to make it night).

Please write what you think about this map.

You can suggest me more ideas if you would like to.

If I see people will like this map I will make more :)

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