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[3.1.2] Renegades [50 slots] [PvP/Survival] [24GB RAM]


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Minecraft version in use: 1.3.2

Tekkit version in use: 3.1.2



Latest Contest Winner: Bartman8 (July 2012 contest #2)

Server Addresses:

  • status.whitelist.creative.png Creative Server: creative.renmx.com
    status.public.creative.png Survival Server: mc.renmx.com:3
    status.public.tekkit.png Tekkit Server: mc.renmx.com:4 (Requires
Tekkit Mod)

Status Key:

  • Online-Icon.png = Online
    Offline-Icon.png = Offline

Other Sites/Services:

Quick Server Info:

  • Griefing is not allowed on any of our servers.
  • Stealing and PVP are only allowed on our Survival & Tekkit servers and only in areas where PVP is enabled.
  • Building box houses with no character or imagination is discouraged on our servers.
  • Passive mobs are active on all of our servers, hostile mobs only on Survival & Tekkit.
  • Nether works fine on all of our servers and is free for all players to access.

User Ranks:

  • All user ranks have coloured names, as indicated below.
  • User - Original User Level all new players receive (Includes /item /tp /warp on our Creative servers)
  • Apprentice - Same as User but you also receive /time /weather & /hat commands *
  • Contest Winner - Same as Apprentice but you receive a different colour in chat and LiteSniper *
  • Architect - Same as Apprentice but you receive full WorldEdit and LiteSniper *
  • Engineer - Same as Architect but received for building amazing things with redstone circuits *
  • Artist - Same as Architect but received for building amazing pixel-art creations *
  • Director - Same as Architect but received for creating Videos, you will receive Mod Disguise *
  • City Planner - Same as Architect but you receive a different colour in chat and full VoxelSniper *
  • Moderator - Escalates technical issues to Admins, kicks, bans and helps settle player disputes
  • Administrator - Takes care of the server, has final say in all decisions

    Please note that whilst your name colour stays the same between our Creative, Survival & Tekkit servers your abilities do not. So if you are an Architect you will only have WorldEdit and VoxelSniper on our Creative server and not on our Survival or Tekkit servers, but you will keep your special blue coloured name across all servers.

    * These ranks are also displayed on our forum. Architects and above are also able to upload and download schematic files to/from our Creative server for importing and exporting their builds.

Creative World Warps:

  • /warp spawn - Default world that you spawn in to
  • /warp flat - A completely flat world

Other Information:

  • Our maps are backed up every 24 hours & Archived for long term storage.
  • We use MySQL for database intensive plugins like Logblock to keep the servers lag free.
  • Server Hardware: Core i7 940, 24GB RAM, 100Mb internet, 2x40GB SSD's in RAID0.
  • We do not have a limit on the amount of people who can sign up (So please do!)

Our commitment to you is that if the servers are ever shut down or we ever decide to wipe any of our maps that the old maps will be posted for you to host yourself. This means you can take our maps and setup your own server with them as a base. You can view download some of our old maps here: http://www.mxpulse.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1089

We also enable Architects, Artists, Engineers, Directors, City Planners, Mods and Admins export anything they've built on any of our servers as a .schematic file which can be downloaded through our forum to your home computer for editing and re-uploading to our Creative server or just for personal storage or use on other servers.

We hope you have lots of fun on our servers!

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