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Tekkit Series - Nether Crawler Exploration Vehicle Build (Updated 10/23/2012)


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Update #7 10/23/2012: Added Ep. 21 - Nether Crawler (Pt. 5) Forcefields and How to Exit a Hangar Watch the video here!

Update #6 10/18/2012: Added Ep. 20 - Nether Crawler (Pt.4) Ammunition Management System Click here to watch!

Update #5 10/15/2012: Added Ep. 19 - Nether Crawler (Pt. 3) - TNT Deployer and Hull Cladding Tests Watch this episode here!

Update #4 10/10/2012: Added Ep. 18 - Nether Crawler (Pt. 2) - Computer Assisted Navigation Routines Link here!

Update #3 10/8/2012: Added Ep. 17 - Nether Crawler (Pt. 1) - Drive Motor Assembly Click here to watch!

Update #2 10/3/2012: Added Ep. 16 - Part 2 of the 2 part series installing adjustable height track lights in the test hangar. Link!

Update 10/2/2012: Added Ep. 15 - Part 1 of a 2 part series installing adjustable height track lights in the test hangar using support frames and frame motors. Watch it here!

Hello! I've been making Tekkit videos and posting them to my youtube channel for a few weeks now. I tend to focus on creative building and progression through "advanced technology". I use EE very sparingly (I run four quarries in the overworld and two in the Nether, and energy condensers are excellent for gobbling up the junk blocks but I don't mass produce diamonds or anything else.)

I just posted episode 14 of the series where I do a tour of my new automated refining and storage system and then finish up with a demonstration of my automatic monster harvester. You can find that episode here and the preceding episodes can also be found on my channel.

The goal of the series is to hopefully be entertaining and informative. Every structure I build has a purpose so I show you the structure in the hopes that it might spark some creative musings of your own and then I show you how I use the structure and maybe you'll learn something new about how to make use of the machines and items in the Technic/Tekkit modpack.


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