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[3.1.2]ConvictionCraft[PvP][80 slots][No Computer Craft][Factions][Roleplay]


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ConvictionCraft is a dedicated tekkit server, set in a post-apocalyptic world where corporations fight over the scarce resources left in the wake of humanity's downfall. Life in this land is harsh, unforgiving; yet there are safe pockets where you can survive – and, maybe, eventually thrive.Small groups may hike out into this land, set up settlements and claim the resources for themselves, but, this land is harsh, and keeping your territory is hard, groups like these will not be able to guard the vast tracts of lands that they may aspire to grow over, though with the numbers – and the tech – it can be done.

So, trek out into this world, and be ready for war.

What that means:

There is one major starting town (accessed by /t join N00B_Inc), It is rather large and sprawling, and are good starting points for people new to Tekkit and/or the server – safety in numbers, after all! We're using Towny with quite a limited amount of plots, so you cannot Towny your pipelines. The server is light role-play/PvP at the moment, this may change slightly in the future. This means that role-playing is encouraged, but not enforced, and only as far as the players want to role-play we will respect players seeking RP to an extent.


Server IP:

The server is running tekkit, a modpack that compiles a group of rather advanced and complex modifications.

Download links: http://www.technicpack.net/

Processor: AMD Opteron 3280 Octacore, 8-Core Processor.


Hard Drive: 4TB SATA

Upload Rate: 100mbps

Uptime: 24/7, though occasional maintenance (not very often)

Website/forums: www.convictioncraft.org


Owner: Hunzar

Co-Owner: bluebull12

Admins: Needed!

Plugin managers: Hunzar

Website manager: Hunzar

In-Game Moderators: Needed

Main Plugins:


-Business heirchey

-Custom Alias

-Towny war events


-Anti Grief tool configured by the staff for Tekkit


-A useful trade medium to purchase useful items and protection

World Border

- Limits the world to a 10,000 x 10,000 circle

Combat Tag

- Prevents people from logging off mid-combat

Other plugins:

CombatTag- Prevents logging out from combat

Vanish-Nopacket - Anti Grief tool

EcoCreature - IConomy Inflation tool


WorldBorder - Currently 10000x10000 blocks

Cenotaph - Similar to dead-mans chest

Other Plugins:

- No Weather

- Eco Creature

- Lag Meter

- Permissions Ex

- Questioner

- Essentials

- Minequery

- Quests

- TownyChat

- Treasure Chest

- Jail

- Quick Bench

- Vanish NoPacket


We wish for the users to uphold their own rules, to know what is right from wrong based on the assigned ideals of the server's community. Many decisions will fall down to common sense, and your ability to use it in key situations will divide you from the rest in our eyes. The rules that are set in stone are ones that should act as both a barrier against personal grief for our players and a guiding force to keep the community together. We do not allow griefing nor do we allow combat avoidance . Attempting to use a modified client to gain an advantage over another player isn't allowed. You cannot join a town just to steal their items, nor can you invite someone into your town just to steal their items. TNT canons are allowed in moderation, in the sense that you should not be using your cannon to grief, but instead to get to a place you could not with the systems in place that protect against idle griefing. We have gone to great lengths to disable anything in Tekkit that we have found overpowered or damaging to the server, and, should we find that any item in the game is actually harming gameplay, then we will do our utmost to remove, disable, or nerf it. Through our ideals, it does not matter whether you have been here for years or for hours – the rules will treat you the same regardless of what variables you bring up, unless an admin has explicitly said that you're free to break them of course. Breaking pipelines without any reason is griefing, but if you redirect or “sap” pipelines and powerlines (for example, adding a pipe to the side of it that sucks items to your base, or a cable to your base from theirs that steals energy) then it is allowed – just no senseless destruction.


- No destruction of machine blocks

- Absolutely no griefing

- No computercraft/turtle loops

- No abuse of game mechanics

- No harassing other players, including constant raiding and spawn camping

- No avoiding combat once a combat tag has been initiated, and no logging out to avoid combat

- Keep machines free of loops/excessively large quarries or other problematic machines



- Quantum Armor (chestplate) The Ability to Make Quantum items are disabled

- Nukes (only allowed during war periods)

- Blackhole chests

- Enderpearls (due to pipe/glass glitching and access to jetpacks)

- Cart-Anchors

- World Anchors

- Crafting of IC2 credits is disabled


- ComputerCraft

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