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[3.1.2] TekkitKraft [PvP][22 Slots][Open][Towny][24/7 Tekkit Server]


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<--- TekkitKraft --->


<-- Description -->

TekkitKraft is a 24/7 PvP Tekkit server where the best of the best come to play, we have a dedicated staff and active playerbase that interact with each other and welcome new comers. We have Towny, Groupmanager, WorldGaurd, TreeFeller, and many more minor plugins ready for you to use, towns are player-made once you have received your first rank-up! (Which you can get by signing up at our forums and making a rank request post in the correct forum). Come join us today on TekkitKraft!

<-- Rules -->

  1. No Greifing
  2. No Spam
  3. No Hacking
  4. No begging for handouts
  5. No homophobia/racism (words like faggot or n***** will get you banned)

<-- Banned Items --> (All of these items can be used once you have reached a higher rank)

  1. ALL EXPLOSIVES (If we have forgotten it and you use it you will be banned. You have been warned.)
  2. Destruction Catalyst
  3. Volcanite Amulet
  4. World Anchors
  5. Red Morning Star
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