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Server Now Closed - Moved To FTB


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Paradise Technical



General Server Info.

We are a small community with a thriving forum looking for new players, We have been open for several months. We are running Tekkit 3.1.2 for the moment till the next major release then we will upgrade the server.

TheKhemist is the Owner and Admin of the server, ArgonFox, MarxSoulGuy, Widnesian14, iJoseph are Mods. We have our own forums for the server and the other Vanilla Servers we run.

We have had Vanilla servers for over 2 years.


[1] No Destroying other players buildings!

[2] No Entering other players Buildings!

[3] No Stealing from other players chests etc.

[4] No Mining in other players mines! If you find a mine with torches in keep out!

[5] No bullying of other users!

[6] Do as admin or mods say at all times!

[7] No Hacks Or Cheats... You will be banned if caught using them.

[8] Respect other users.

Server Details.

Tekitt 3.1.2

Anyone can join the server but to be able to build you will need to join our forum and apply for access, Please go to http://paradise-minecraft.co.uk/forum

Join the forum, once you have joined please go to the Server Access Applications section, Then please read the first topic to aid your application

Once Read then please start a new topic and answer the questions from the topic you have just read. Either the Admin or a Mod will approve your application.

No Items & Mods from Tekkit have been disabled, Just be careful with nukes etc.... =)


McMyAdmin, Essentials, GriefPrevention, HawkEye, SimpleChestLock, Remover Items, uHome

We will be happy to look into adding any Plug-ins if they will make the server a better place to play.

Server Hardware.

OctalCore AMD FX-8150 3.6 GHz

16gb Fast DDR3 Ram


Screen Shoots.

I will be posting some Screen Shoots very soon, Users are compiling shoots of their builds at the moment we will then pick the a few of the best and I will up date this thread.

Thank you for reading this thread hope you like the look of what we have and wish to join us. See you in our world.

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I am a current server user, and have been for the past...... 3-ish months... I think (don't quote me on that) and it has lasted considerably longer than every other server, ee is enabled, there isn't too much stuff that you suffocate and there are really nice players on board, most will help you get kickstarted (when they're on) and pretty much, my opinion is the same as the opinion I had when I came on the server, best... server... EVAR! ^-^

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Ign: awesome_cmo

Experience: I honestly haven't played tekkit in awehile, however, I remember it and have a giant urge to play it now. I'm about to become a member on your forums. And if it wouldn't be too much, if I get in, can you also whitelist my friend bpmen12? He's great at tekkit too, and I don't like to play alone. I'd really like to help this server become better.

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Experience:I'm quite good at Tekkit and I want a server without griefing or banned items, so this looks great!

(writing this and the application above for friends since their login is for unknown reasons bugged.)

There are douches who manage to circumvent plugins, but griefing is quickly and efficiently dealt with, I have personally seen griefing twice, which was dealt with all within a post, then an hour wait. :D

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IGN: 12minsingert

Experience: I've been playing for about one year now. I use science and magic equally and am pretty experienced at both. Just recently I have started to get into railcraft and I love to build castles on the sides of cliffs. I am an active player, will follow the rules and will do my best to be a model character. I am looking forward to playing on this server because it seems well friendly and organized.

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  • In game name: jedikaal
  • Note: I got a lot of experience with Tekkit right now. I always want to be creative with my building after I got some resources ofcourse. I also always want to help other people with there problems!

I hope I'll get added to the server and show you my creations!

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