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[3.1.2] φDefenseCenterφ [Factions/Raiding][MCMMO][NO-LAG][40 SLOTS][PVP][OPEN]


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DefenseCenter Gaming server is back on new Tekkit 3.1.2

Our Team of Admins:


TheGoodGuy20 & Pokematt1494


DefenseCenter gaming server is trying to create the best environment for players. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to keep the server running 24/7. We fixed almost all major bugs and exploits, especially in Equivalent Exchange. This allows us to run a balanced server with EE almost entirely intact.

Unlike some servers, we place no limits on core functionality regardless of donation status.

We are currently building special adventure world in addition to normal one that will feature quests and stories involving usage of items from various mods. We also run weekly building challenges, allowing players to showcase their creative abilities.

The Community around server is very friendly, with Admins and Moderators encouraging players to join factions. Our development team aims to achieve balance between individual mods. While every mod may not be perfectly balanced, we expect you will find our server enjoyable at every stage of the game.

We strive to repair balance issues, and only resort to disabling items when the problems with the item far exceed their benefits.

Server IP: tekkit.defensecenter.net


We have customized most of the mods Tekkit uses:

Equivalent Exchange

  • We have modified EMC values of various items, Disabled MK2 & MK3 Collectors and Relays to balance it againts other mods
  • Repaired Red Matter Furnace and Transmutation Tablet duplication bugs
  • Modified functions and EMC usage-cost of the Rings and power items
  • Disabled Catalytic power items to prevent griefing using EE tools
  • Our goal with EE can be summarized into 3 points:

    • Slow the profitability of EE items
    • Bring the power of EE in line with other mods
    • Provide challenge to EMC-rich players

Server Features:

  • The world is bounded to encourage interaction and the creation of infrastructure
  • Special ShopWorld with balanced economy for Tekkit
  • Adventure world with many quests and stories involving usage of mods (Coming Soon)
  • Custom Job system plugin to award you for you actions (Coming Soon)

Plugin Features:

  • Customized HawkEye to quickly repair any grief
  • NPC Citizens to populate the land
  • Dynmap to let you view others' creations

Our Spawn:



  • Be respectful of the world. Try to keep the world looking nice, and build in the context of your surroundings.
  • Be respectful of your fellow players. We shouldn't have to spell out for you what this means.
  • Violations of these rules will result in bans.


Server IP: tekkit.defensecenter.net

40 Slots on the server

You need "Latest" Tekkit to play on our server.

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