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custom worlds for Tekkit servers. Build log of what I did, & tools I am using


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ok so I am really super new to this, (*just started learning how to use some stuff and have zero java background so please if you see something that a java programmer would consider stupid, enlighten me as to how it would be done, rather than just blast me with hate ok?)


ok so first off I am working on making custom generated worlds by changing the tekkit.jar so that the whole world will be a certain way, thus anyone wanting to run say two servers with different worlds will have to follow these instructions, and customize their tekkit jar separately for each type of world.

TOOLS: DirtyJoe (Java Overall Editor) http://dirty-joe.com/

DONE:(going to rearrange things here a bit, read below for a sort of low down on what basically went on, but substitute the different classes for each instance.)

customized the BiomeDesert.class so that it is renamed with other biome classes so far, this required changing the class names inside the actual classes too. then I reloaded these into the jar (path: tekkit.jar/net/minecraft/server) once that was done, everything worked fine so far, though there are still things I want to adjust.

list:(*'s indicate it worked well and nothing behind them indicates that they still need more work that I may not be able to do, while +'s indicate that I have an idea of what can be done, but currently my java software is not letting me.)





Help: (this is a list of helpful things I could use help on with this.)

҉ getting a better compiler running.

҉ creating an installer, (see 1 below)

҉ changing what ever effects sea level for both desert and ocean (lower desert raise ocean)

More later, also if you see something that should change here to ensure clarity, or to fit some guidelines, please let me know, I will try to check up once a day or so, in case there is, or if someone has any questions I can help with.

1. so far I am using techniques that require direct access to your tekkit.jar to modify it, so a plug in that would some how over ride or insert them automatically would be magic for those server hosts that do not allow uploading or modifying a tekkit.jar but still allow you to install plug-ins.

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I am currently working on all of the above with the help of another programmer, and in the mean time I am also making a custom array of config files for levels and classes in minecraft using tekkit restrict, essentials groupmanager, monsterbox, and petcreeper. anyone interested in these config files let me know, You can read up a bit about the classes (like the necromancers that can raise undead, enslave them and when the stars are right and planets aligned, can place spawners for their undead :) ) over on my website www.borgsteamfactory.com/skywayranks.html or visit my servers that you can get the IP for on www.borgsteamfactory.com/skyway.html

Stop by and say 'ello ;)

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