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Weapons & Vehicles (1.2.5 only, no needed updates)


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What I would like:

I want a mod that adds new items to the Tekkit / Technic mod pack. It would add new items and sounds. I hope it can be made for multi player too. I would also like a few vehicles and another hunger bar.

NOTE: * = Not sure if possible, If too hard, forget it.


- Assault Rifles (4 heart damage)

1) AK74

2) M4A5

3) HK416

(each with separate mags)



-Red dot or ACOG scope.

(can both be attached at same time)

- Sniper Rifles (10 heart damage)

1) Dragunov

2) M40A3

3) Barrett .50 cal

(all with scopes but separate mags)

- Pistols (2 heart damage)

1) Glock 16

2) M1911

3) Revolver

(Different mags and rounds for each)

- Misc weapons

1) Grenade Launcher (launches grenades) (basically TNT but looks different)

2) Shotgun (uses shells) (5 hearts)

The guns themselves do NOT require recipes to create them, but NEED them to to attach scopes / sights.



1) Can carry 6 items

2) Fueled using Tekkit oil.

*3) Can fit 2 people (driver and passenger)

- Jeep

1) Can carry 9 items.

2) Fueled by Tekkit oil.

*3) Can fit 4 people (driver and 3 passengers)

- Truck

1) can carry 12 items

2) Fueled by tekkit oil.

*3) can fit 6 people (driver and 5 passengers)

All Vehicles require no recipes. left click with oil bucket to add fuel. First person to get in is driver

New Hunger Bar:

- Thirst Bar

1) Drops at same rate as hunger bar

2) requires bucket of milk or bucket of water to replenish.

Any questions will be answered and suggestions are welcome! :]

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This sounds like a hodgepodge of parts from existing mods. Try looking around more, first: All of this is probably already done (though not necessarily every specific gun you mention.)

Thanks, I'll keep looking, I was just wondering if anyone was willing to make this in one part by itself so i wouldnt have to regulate multiple additions at the same time :]

EDIT: If anyone is willing to make something like this, Let me know, because I'd really REALLY appreciate it :3

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