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[3.1.2] NerdOrbit Tekkit[Open][PvP/PvE][65 Slots][Towny][iConomy][ChestShops][LWC][NoEE]


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NerdOrbit Tekkit was designed on feedback from our community of players and our staff to offer a little something for everyone!

We have taken over a month to Balance our plugins, economy, ranks, and work an Epic Spawn. We have a very fair set of rules, and

treat our players with respect.

Getting Started

When you join NerdOrbit Tekkit you will be given the rank of Recruit and start out in our Spawn Area. There you will be able to read the rules,

visit the Tekkit Tutorial area, the Admin Shop, Player Shops, Warhub, and read up on our donation info.

There is no whitelist or greylist, so you are free to leave spawn whenever you wish to begin your adventure! We have something for everyone,

whether you want to hunt other players in the wilderness, establish a secret base, found a town and search for other players to join you, stockpile

materials to start your own shop and economic dominance, build epic machines, or found an Empire. All of this and more is available to you!


This Screenshot shows a small area of our Spawn. (Main Spawn Complex, Admin Shop, Donator Shop, Jail, Warhub, Playershops, and the canals)


Our Tekkit Tutorial Area! Three floors of mod tutorials, item explanations, and example setups!


Donator Only Lounge


The Canal and stairway from Spawn Tier to the Player Shop Tier.

Non-Donator Ranks and Promotions

There are four non-donator ranks.

  • Recruit (Default Rank)
  • Private (Requires 2 hours of Time Played)
  • Marine (Requires 24 hours of Time Played)
  • Veteran (Reward for long term players)

You start off as a Recruit. After two hours of play time you are automatically promoted to the rank of Private. The Marine rank becomes

available once you have played on the server for at least a week, have not broken any rules, caused any drama, and generally you are a

pleasant player! Veteran is reserved for our most seasoned players who have established themselves and are the model player to the community.


We have tried to keep our rules simple and easy to follow and remember. We are not ban happy, and prefer to use mute and jail in most cases.

We do have MCBans installed and we understand that banning with this plugin will follow a player to other server who also use the banning system,

so we only use it in the most extreme cases.

  1. No Spamming
  2. No Advertising other Servers
  3. No Griefing
  4. No Item Theft (unless you win their items fairly by killing them in PvP)
  5. No Harassment
  6. Keep curse words to a minimum (just don't be excessive with them)
  7. No Racial, Gender, Homophobic, or Sexual Slurs/Language
  8. Admins will not teleport you, set the weather, time, give you op, mod, creative, admin, or give you items. Period.
  9. Be respectful to others.

Disabled Mods

  • Equivalent Exchange (Unbalanced)
  • Weapons Mods (Bypasses No-PvP Zones)

Banned Items

  • Nano Armor
  • Nano Sabre
  • Quantum Armor
  • Wireless Trackers
  • Nukes (not reactors)
  • AutoCrafting Table (bypasses banned item creation)

Major Plugins

  • iConomy
  • Towny
  • MCBans
  • War
  • PEX Permissions
  • WorldBorder
  • ChestShop
  • Hawkeye
  • Essentials
  • Votifier
  • PvP Bounty

System Specs and Server Information

  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1230 (4 Cores, 8M Cache, 3.20 GHz)
  • 16GB DDR3 Ram
  • 128GB Intel SSD
  • 100mbps+ redundant connection
  • 24/7 365 Uptime
  • Website and Forums: www.NerdOrbit.com

Owners and Staff

The Owners of NerdOrbit have had years of combined game hosting experience, everything from running their own gaming servers, hosting

them for others, and writing their own custom plugins and applications. They host this server because they enjoy tekkit, and enjoy

meeting and playing with new people from all around the World.

The Admin and Moderator Staff have -ALL- been recruited and promoted from within Nerdorbit's Community.

There are Staff members online pretty much 24/7, so there is usually always someone around to help out when needed!

  • [Owner] Jono20201
  • [Owner] Khryst
  • [Owner] Damooseinator
  • [Admin] Draculajsb
  • [Admin] Meatwad63
  • [Admin] ReturnToPatches
  • [Mod] Mr_Zombie_II
  • [Mod] Kufreak
  • [Mod] Delusivex
  • [Mod] saharmonster
  • [Mod] IHaveAHat

We look forward to seeing you on our server, and would like to thank you for you time checking out the information on our server!

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This server is so much fun! I used to be so bad with tekkit but because of all the helpful players I can now do things on my own. Also the admins are incredibly helpful, if someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing all you need to do is report it to an admin and they will investigate immediately! I absolutely love this server and it is the only tekkit server I play on.

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These guys are awesome I have been playing with them for a while now, admins and Mods actually play the game instead of just running around flaunting powers and such they adhere to the rules like all the other players.

I have to say the thing I like most about this is that they have certain things banned that makes the game chalenging enough to want to keep playing instead of some person who has played there for a day or two running around with nano stuff, you acctually have to work a bit to do well and that makes things much better all around, alot more fullfilling in my opinion.


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