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[3.1.2] Infarnum Tekkit Server [PvP,PvE][45 Slots][Open][Towny, Iconomy] 24/7 Fun and Friendly!


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Infarnum Tekkit Server!

24/7 online

Ip :

Infarnum community :

We started this server, because we started to play together with friends, but we think its even more fun with more people. We like friendly people who return to the server and build up a nice town or city. We like friendly people who respect and help eachother. We hope you enjoy the time on our server, and we are always open for idea’s and suggestions.

Rules :

  • No stealing/griefing
  • No hacks or exploits
  • Respect eachother
  • No spamming or being rude
  • No destruction of landscape (for no reason, like flying trees and shooting)
  • Mining laser is allowed, but not in explosive and scatter mode
  • No asking for higher ranks, (like admin etc.) if you play helpful, a lot, and we think you may deserve to be a admin, and we need an extra admin… we will contact you.

Banned mods

  • Equivelent exchange

Banned Items

  • Nukes

I hope you all will join the server, and enjoy a good time.

Photoos will follow, because the spawn building is a bit ugly at the moment, but there

Are many beautifull castles to find in there….

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Some pictures :

Old spawn point, currently working on a new one... but will be operational (shop also)


And some random castles on the server... there are 15+ towns at the moment... and many buildings.




Hope you will enjoy it!

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The new spawn is already open for a while, but id like to share the pictures anyway!


And inside the spawn building :


Inside the spawn is also located the "Mob Arena"

You can choose class, and fight waves of mobs... more and more difficult...

(when you die, you keep your stuff)

Other people can watch you fight ;-) through this window


But beware... ;) boobytraps included!

Hope you join, and 95% of time, there is admin to watch for fair play.


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