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[3.1.2]SilliCraft Gaming's Tekkit Server[No PvP][20][Open][Keep items on death, Explosions are off]


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This server is hamachi, But we will get hosted soon!

  • Hamachi Group Name = sillitekkit14

  • Hamachi Group Password = 123

  • Server IP =

  • Server rules:

  • 1.) No griefing

    2.) No PvP

    3.) No op

    4.) No stealing

    5.) You


    use /cprivate to lock your stuff

    6.) No hacking

    7.) Dont forget to /sethome

  • No mods/items are removed from the server [yet] because we have advanced non-griefing plugins.

  • The major plugins of the server are:

  • 1.)Essentials


  • I created this server because I was tired of tekkit servers in which admins/mods abused their powers. The result was this, Which so far was a great success.

  • The expected uptime of the server: The server isn't 24/7 yet, we expect to be hosted very soon but until then the server will remain longer on the weekends but it will be on a minimum of 3 hours a day.

  • A little bit about the community that is currently playing, or the kind of player you want in your server: The kind of player's I want on the server are people that are friendly and don't break rules.

  • Pictures of what has been built!:

[My company]


[Hazardous2312's Company]


[A happy server member, mqpg, mining]


[Our soon to be spawn]


Dont forget to post reviews!





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So far it has been a wonderful experience with both the staff and the incoming members joining the server. If your looking for a nice and well looked after server. This wont disappoint. One thing to note. The owner cares for his players and that you can't buy.

-TriggerHeart , Soniaberry

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