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Tekkit Lets Play with griefing. Including multi-camera, multi-team, multi-channels


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Hello obvious Tekkit players. Our channel has yet another tekkit LP! We wanted to do something different to try and get us recognized, so we started up a tekkit server of me and some buddies and spit off into two teams. We have optly named them Team Not-As-Good-As-us, then in retaliation they named us Tekkit Tards for some odd reason.

We had planned on our enemy team to be recording footage, however, they are currently waiting for some paychecks to upgrade their poor computers. It will happen eventually, though.

(I don't think you can embed on this forum, let me know if you can)

So I frontloaded the thread a bit for the TLDR's out there. Here on will be the suggestions from the lets play rule thread

Talk about yourself, and whats unique about your or your videos

Well, thats a huge question of life in general isn't it. No I am BSing just regular average otaku who likes anime and games too much. Recently we started doing work on a full scale minecraft machinima set http://imgur.com/57ULn 57ULn.pngand spent around 200 man hours getting it to look like that. We still have alot more of the set to build but we moved on to the next task as that was to improve our editing technique so when we eventually started telling stories it wasn't complete rubbish. Thats when set our eyes on tekkit and started doing multi-cam and more professional editing techniques. '

So whats unique about the videos in this thread compared to what we are doing overall? Well as teams we plan to grief each other constantly to keep the videos from going stale. We've brought along third party teams to keep it interesting too. We are pro gamers too >< so we bring all the referrences and trash talk that comes with the territory.

Talk about what you do or what you will do.

Well, shoot, I just explained that. I guess the only other answer I haven't said is play tekkit and continue to improve our editing technique and take suggestions from any comments we receive.

So, let me know what you think. We are no yogscast but its still not bad to watch.

I get my jollies from subscribers and I usually sub my subscribers back.

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