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[3.1.2]Digital Cowboy's Minecraft Ranch[PVP][20 Slots][Open][BOSEconomy]*Welcome to the Rodeo!*


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Are you looking for a balanced PVP server, with minimal grief prevention and dedicated admins? Or maybe you're into resource gathering and production? Look no further! Digital Cowboy's Minecraft Ranch has what you're searching for! We have a completely custom banlist specifically designed to make PVP a realistic, meaningful part of the game. No more will you be constantly ganked by the end-game player wearing full Red or Dark matter armor, and no longer will your claims be griefed without your permission ( assuming you don't let them in, of course! ). We have a very minimal server economy for basic spawn items, and are always looking to grow out player seeded economy! We have dedicated admins, and a rock-solid server, so anyone glitching or cheating will be dealt with quickly, and server stability is no longer even a concern! If you like what you see here, why not come visit us, and say hello? See you on the ranch pard'ner!


-PVP Friendly - BE AWARE - Don't complain if you die because of something foolish you did.

-Don't ask for free stuff or to be OPed

-No Server Spamming ( Chat Box Spamming, Screaming for Admins for 20 minutes, etc.. )

-Be Friendly, have fun!

-No Item Duplication

-No Combat Logging



-Balanced PVP System - Custom PVP makes it fun again!

-Economy - Set up your own shop in our growing economy!

-Dedicated Admin Team

-Ultra-Stable server

Item Banlist:

-Red Matter Tools and Weapons

-All Helmets above Diamond Armor

-EE Rings


Join us for some fun times!

Server info is:

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