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Losing my mind: Iron Pipes auto-switching their position.


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We all know that iron pipe have input sides and output sides. You use a wrench to set which side is which. The issue I'm coming against is this: There is a line of waterproof stone pipe through which lava travels. Every other piece of pipe there is a waterproof iron pipe. These are there because there are feeds from waterproof wooden pipes attached to tanks. Without the iron pipes the lava just flows back and forth. So I set their orientation so everything flows in one direction and thus it should stay that way...but it is not.


Just walking away (not even off chunk or out of range, just around a corner or even not looking at the pipe for a few moments) causes the orientation to flip. Suddenly what was flowing nicely is now all backed up because the iron pipes decided they wanted to face the other direction.

Has anybody experienced this before? What reason could there be for this to happen? I've gone through the server logs but see nothing relating to the particular item in question.

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Redstone currents cause iron pipes to change direction. I can see some red alloy wire at the bittom of your screenshot. This is most likely what is causing your problem

That I did not know. Thanks! I'll move the wiring to see if the problem continues.

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